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Earn Your QNB Life Rewards Points

 What sets QNB Life Rewards as a unique and one of its kind reward programs in Qatar is that QNB customers will be able to earn Life Reward Points from getting and using various retail banking products and channels. Life Rewards Points earning rates differ for each membership level and product and can be earned by:

·         Usage of QNB LIFE Cards

o    Upon first usage of New QNB Life Rewards Credit Card (welcome points)

o    Life Rewards Credit Card spending

o    Life Rewards Debit Card spending 

·         Deposits 

o    Welcome points* on first salary deposit for salary accounts (salary over QR7,000)

o    Average monthly deposit holdings across current and savings accounts (applicable for salary account only)

*Not applicable for standing order/ inward remittances.

·      Loans (Applicable for new / top up loans booked after 23rd Dec 2012) 

o    Payment of monthly installment on personal loan

o    Payment of monthly installment on vehicle loan

o    Timely payment of monthly installment on mortgage loan

 ·         Successful referral of Non- QNB customer to QNB First 

 The table below will highlight the number of QNB Life Rewards Points that could be earned through the different Membership Levels:

Earn Rules




Credit Card Welcome Points




Personal, Vehicle, Mortgage loans

Depending on loan amount and applicable interest rate (APR)

Salary Transfer Welcome Points




Deposits (1 Point for every)

QR 1,000

QR 1,250

QR 1,750

Refer a QNB First customer




Life Rewards Card Spending


MC World

MC Platinum

MC Titanium

Credit Card Spending (spend for 1 point)

QR 5

QR 6

QR 8

Local Debit Card Spending (QNB Point of Sale terminals)

QR 50

QR 50

QR 50

International Debit Card Spending

QR 25

QR 25

QR 25






Credit Card Spending (spend for 1 point)

QR 5

QR 6

QR 8

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