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Life Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

Set out below are the terms and conditions of the Life Rewards program owned and operated by QNB.
These terms and conditions form the basis of the Life Rewards program and explain the mechanisms of collection and use of Life Rewards Points and the different program aspects.
Earning and/or usage of any benefits or rewards offered as a part of the Life Rewards program will be deemed as acceptance of these terms & conditions. It is the program member’s own responsibility to read and understand them.
These terms and conditions are effective as of the date of publication and shall apply all through the period of the membership. QNB may, at its sole discretion, modify these terms and conditions. Such modifications will be communicated through the program website.

1. Program definition

The Life Rewards loyalty program is a total relationship loyalty program that rewards QNB retail customers for a wide range of ownership and usage of QNB retail products and services. Customers will be able to earn Life Rewards Points from getting and using various retail banking products and channels. Those points can be redeemed in a variety of ways, with program partners, directly on QNB services, or transferred to other members.

2. Member enrolment eligibility

All QNB retail customers with at least one active QNB Life Rewards Credit/Debit Card will be automatically enrolled to the Life Rewards program and be able to start benefitting from the program’s reward scheme.

3. Membership levels

There are three membership levels in the program, and member eligibility per level is based on a member’s monthly salary deposit in QNB or average monthly savings deposit balance for QNB first members only
• Essential Level: Members with a monthly salary deposit in the bank of up to 15,000 QAR. At this level, members enjoy the following benefits:
o Eligible for Life Rewards MasterCard Titanium or Life Rewards Visa Gold credit card, allowing members to earn and redeem points in the program as per published earning and redemption rates.
o Life Rewards MasterCard Titanium debit card, allowing members to earn and redeem points in the program as per published earning and redemption rates.
• Select level: Members with monthly salary deposit in the bank between 15,000 – 35,000 QAR. At this level, members enjoy the following benefits:
o Eligible for Life Rewards MasterCard Platinum or Life Rewards Visa Platinum credit card, allowing members to earn and redeem points in the program as per published earning and redemption rates.
o Life Rewards MasterCard Platinum debit card, allowing members to earn and redeem points in the program as per published earning and redemption rates.
• First level: Members with monthly salary deposit in the bank exceeding 35,000 QAR or with an average monthly savings deposit with the bank of at least 350,000 QAR enjoy the following benefits:
o Eligible for Life Rewards MasterCard World or Life Rewards Visa Infinite credit card, allowing members to earn and redeem points in the program as per published earning and redemption rates.
o Life Rewards MasterCard World debit card, allowing members to earn and redeem points in the program as per published earning and redemption rates.
o Access to attractive and exclusive QNB First benefits and privileges.
At all levels, members will be able to earn points based on specific product ownership or usage, as per the defined earn rules in the program, and have access to the full range of redemption options in the program. .

4. Membership level migration:

• As soon as a member meets the eligibility criteria for a higher membership level, QNB will assign the new level to the member and automatically schedule the replacement of the member’s debit card to the appropriate card. In case the member had a QNB LIFE credit card, customer will automatically receive the invitation to pick up the upgraded QNB Life Rewards credit card or the card will be sent directly to the billing address.
• Members who no longer meet the eligibility criteria for the higher level (-) will be assigned a lower membership level, (i.e. Customer may drop to lower membership level if salary or deposit balances drop). Their QNB Life Rewards debit card will be automatically replaced with the appropriate new card, and they will be scheduled for QNB Life Rewards credit card replacement.

5. Suspension or Cancellation of Membership:

• Suspension of membership will automatically occur in the event that a customer is assigned ‘delinquency’ status in QNB. This happens when a customer does not pay outstanding debts to QNB.
• Suspension of membership will result in the inability to earn, redeem or transfer points in any way, until such time that the delinquency status is revoked. Accumulated points will remain in the customer’s account during the period of delinquency but will continue to expire as scheduled.
• Termination of membership will automatically occur in the event that the customer no longer holds an active Life Rewards debit card or credit card.
• In the event of a failure to pay the debts (loan payments or credit card balance) to the bank, QNB reserves the right to terminate the loyalty membership immediately.
• Points earned during the delinquency period shall not accrue in the member's account and shall not be added when 'banking' status is restored.
• QNB reserves the right to terminate the loyalty membership immediately, at any time, if any of these terms & conditions is not complied with or if member in any way abuses a QNB service or QNB loyalty membership, and additionally in the following event(s):
o Any fraudulent acts committed by member.
o Any redemption made by member either before or after the date of a fraud shall be subject to review, and possible cancellation.
• In the event that a member passes away, all the loyalty points accumulated in the deceased’s account will be cancelled and the loyalty account terminated.
• In case of termination of membership as a result of a member cancelling all cards or account, all accumulated points will be removed from the member account.
• In the event of membership suspension or termination QNB reserves the right to use any accumulated loyalty points to pay off any outstanding debts.

6. Earning points:  

Points earning rates differ for each membership level and product. Please visit www.qnb.com.qa/life for detailed information
• Customers with salary accounts below QAR 7000 are not eligible for the Welcome Points on first salary transfer.
• Welcome points are not applicable on inward remittances or standing orders 
• Usage of QNB Life Rewards Cards
o Upon completion of first successful transaction using your new QNB Life Rewards credit card is only applicable for one-time bonus points to primary cardholders, not for supplementary cardholders. 
o Additional rewards may apply when spending at selected QNB partners. Refer to “Life Rewards calculator” for additional information http://www.qnb.com/cs/Satellite/QNBLife/en_QA/enPointsCalculatorMeta and visit qnb.com/life for more details regarding the participating partners. 
o Any additional rewards that may be offered by a Life Rewards Partner may not be applicable during other promotions conducted by the Partner.
o Life Rewards debit card eligible spending: in Qatar, debit card spending will only result in points earning when performed on QNB POS terminals, not on POS terminals of other banks. All international spending with debit cards is eligible for points earning.
Additional points may be earned in bank campaigns, as per the terms and conditions published with the campaigns.
In select instances, QNB may award additional points for specific events or banking interactions, other than mentioned above. In such cases the Member will be individually informed by QNB

7. Redemption of points:

The program offers the choice for all members to redeem their points in different ways. There is no differentiation for rewards redemption value for the different membership levels. In other words, the same number of points is required for a specific reward, regardless of the member’s membership level. However, the value of a point may differ depending on how it is redeemed. Please visit qnb.com/life for the up-to-date number of points required for the specific Life Rewards Redemption channels
• The redemption of flights, hotels and car rental bookings can be done through QNB’s travel portal : www.liferewardsholiday.com and will be subject to the terms and conditions of the airlines, hotels, car rental, or the service provider. QNB is not responsible for such terms and conditions or changes thereto, including (by way of example) but not limited to, a change in flight schedule, delay, lost luggage, room unavailability etc.
• Cross Loyalty Rewards: the process of crediting to other loyalty programs may take up to 1 month from the request date. This redemption is not applicable for joint account customers.
QNB is committed to deliver the best possible process so that customer can redeem their points as easy and simply as possible. In the event of customers being unable to redeem at the partner site, QNB cannot be held liable to the failures, mistakes, rejection, which happen at the partner store, which may arise due to technical or non- technical reasons.

8. Rewards Pool Management Rules:

• Primary and supplementary card owners earn and burn points in a single pool, which is the primary card holders’ reward pool. Under no circumstances can QNB be held responsible or liable for the usage of the points, from both primary and supplementary cardholders.
• Supplementary card holders may redeem the total points accumulated at the pool. The primary cardholder, however, can block redemption facility on supplementary cards through internet banking.
• It is not possible to purchase additional Life Rewards points, points can only be earned through the published earn rules.

9. Points transfer:

• Customers are offered the facility to transfer their points to other Life Rewards members through online banking. In order to do so, these other members need to be defined as beneficiary first, after which points can be transferred.
• Points which have been transferred to another member will expire in the same year that they were transferred.
• Points transfer cannot be reversed or undone once the transaction is completed.
• Only points which are still valid for more than 3 months can be transferred.

10. Points Expiry:

• Life Rewards Points will expire on the next 31st of December, falling two years after they were added to member’s loyalty account. For instance, points earned on June 2013 will expire on 31 December 2015.
• On a campaign basis, points may be offered with a different validity and expiration, which will always be clearly communicated in the campaign’s specific terms and conditions.
• Transferred points expiration date will become the 31st of December of the year in which the points are transferred.

11. Points balance:

• Members may check their points balance from online banking, ATM (only while performing a redemption), or program partner’s Point of Sale terminal.
• Members with a Qtel mobile line may also check their available points balance by sending an SMS with the term ‘Lifereward’ to 92777 from the registered mobile number in QNB.
• QNB reserves the right to credit and debit points to member’s available balance.
• In case a customer reverses a previous transaction for which points were earned, a negative points balance may arise if the points earned on that transaction were already redeemed. In this case, new points that customer earns will be used to bring the points balance back to positive. Members cannot redeem points unless their available points balance is positive.

12. Access to QNB loyalty portal and QNB’s travel portal:

• Every member of the program can access the loyalty portal QNB’s travel portal or QNB’s internet banking platform website.
• Members may not use any data or information made available on or by this website in connection with any business or commercial undertaking (whether or not for profit).
• The intellectual property in all design, text, graphics and other material and the selection or arrangement of such material in this website is owned by QNB and/or their respective licensors.
• QNB does not make any representations, warranties or terms of any kind in respect of these websites or their content (including, without limitation, any views or comment made) other than those required by law.. A member’s use of information and/or data on these websites is therefore entirely at his/her own risk. QNB expressly excludes, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all liability of QNB, its directors, employees or other representatives, howsoever arising, for any loss suffered as a result of a member’s use of these website.
• Due to the nature of the internet, QNB does not promise full and error free operation of these websites at all times.

13. Personal Data Changes:

Members have full responsibility to notify QNB of any change of address or other personal details. QNB is not responsible for any loss of a card or points balance resulting from any failure of a Member to notify QNB of such change.

14. Fraud:

If the membership account shows any signs of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity, members may lose accrued points, and, as a result of this activity, QNB may suspend or terminate loyalty membership immediately. If any fraudulent activity is suspected/ detected QNB reserves the right to take any necessary legal action and may have grounds to confiscate any rewards redeemed as a result of such activity. In addition, members may be liable for monetary losses to QNB, including litigation costs and damages, and members will not be allowed to participate in the program in the future.

15. Privacy Policy:

• The gathered information about the use of the loyalty program will be entered into the files of QNB. This data will be used for administering the membership of the total relationship program.
• Personal information, such as address, e-mail, telephone and fax numbers, as well as demographic and customer identification, will not be disclosed (shared, sold or divulged) to third parties unless QNB informs the member, or was authorized by member, or the member participates in a program/service offered by third party or QNB is required to do so by law. QNB will maintain this information, as well as your business activities and transactions, according to our usual strict security and confidentiality standards.

16. Change in terms and conditions:

• QNB has the right, at its sole discretion, to withdraw, cancel or change the terms of the Life Rewards. Program at any time and without any liability of whatever nature towards Members.
• For up to date terms and conditions, Members should refer to QNB Life Rewards website.

17. Other:

QNB shall provide points earning, redemption, online banking and related services with minimum disruptions on a best of effort basis. QNB cannot guarantee that these services will always function without disruptions, and cannot be held liable for any operational, process related and system errors during providing any of the loyalty membership services.

18. Governing Law:

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in all respect in accordance with the laws of Qatar and the Parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Qatar.

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