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Qatar Central Bank (QCB) – IBAN Initiatives

In accordance with the recent directive from The Qatar Central Bank (QCB), all banks will be migrating to ISO International Bank Account Number (IBAN) standard for customer bank accounts effective from 1st January, 2014.
The purpose of adopting the new IBAN initiative in Qatar is to better facilitate “Straight Through Processing” (STP) of Electronic Payments by minimizing the delays and extra costs associated with incorrect account numbers. The implementation of the IBAN process will help bring more efficiency into remittance related transactions.
As a result, the new IBAN Account Structure will impact the following financial procedures;
  • All bank accounts in Qatar
  • Outward payments
-          Sender and Receiver accounts should be IBAN for IBAN countries
-          Sender account should be IBAN for Non-IBAN countries
-          Validation at input point for beneficiary account
  • Inward payments
-          Validation at receipt point for Receiver account
  • All bank statements, advices, emails with account number(s)
In  effect, all money transfers in and from Qatar in 2014 ( i.e. book transfer within QNB, domestic transfer in Qatar, all payments sending and receiving from overseas to the bank accounts in Qatar, and all bank statements for the accounts in Qatar, i.e. reconciliation reports etc,) will be initially impacted by the introduction of the new IBAN account number(s) process. However, this will bring the Qatari Banking System into alignment with International best practice procedures and should therefore be fully endorsed.
To assist the process further and to ensure minimal future disruption to your business, you should undertake the following tasks as a valued corporate customer;
  • Obtain new IBAN account number(s) from vendors and employees in Qatar
  • Communicate your new IBAN account number(s) to your counterparties
  • Change your corporate ERP or Treasury system with new IBAN account number(s) for employees and vendors
Tool for IBAN Account Number Generation
For your convenience, QNB will provide an ‘IBAN Generator tool’ on the QNB webpage to allow the checking and generation of new IBAN account number(s) from your current bank account(s).
An example of how the new IBAN Account Numbers system will look as follows:
 Current Bank Account Number
 New IBAN Account Number
 1234 123456 123
 QAKK QNBA 0000 0000 1234 1234 5612 3

Where (the Geography)
  •  QA indicates Qatar (all account in Qatar will start with QA)
  • KK indicates calculated check digit based on account number
  • QNBA is the bank code (example for QNB) ; each bank has a unique code of 4 letters
  • The following digits are the rest of the account number 
QNB is committed to keeping you fully informed of project developments as we work towards the January 2014 implementation date.

To precede a smooth migration to IBAN, we will provide FAQs and IBAN converter on QNB portal within weeks. When there is an update, we will also communicate to you immediately. Should you have any enquiries or wish to discuss matters relating to this change, please contact our Global Cash Management team at e-mail ( Alternatively, please speak directly with your QNB Relationship Manager (RM) for further information.


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