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Al Watani Funds

Al Watani Funds I & II - Qatar's Premier Equity Funds

Enjoy a share of Qatar’s bright future

The QNB Al Watani Funds series is an ideal investment opportunity for investors – Qatari or non-Qatari, resident or non-resident and local or international institutional investors.

As Qatar’s leading bank, QNB offers its unrivalled understanding of the stock market to enable private individuals to share in the country’s future growth.
These Funds are specifically intended for investors with a minimum of QR20,000 (or equivalent value in another currency). Features include:
  •  A highly effective way to invest in Qatar Equities.
  •  Lower volatility than that associated with single share or direct trading.
  •  A professionally managed investment product that has delivered consistent returns
Three types of investor can invest in Qatar’s premier equity funds:
  • Individuals residing in Qatar or abroad
  • High Net Worth investors needing a solid core to their Qatar equity investments will appreciate QNB’s Al Watani funds
  • Institutions, whether Qatari or operating elsewhere in the world, that require an investment vehicle to capitalize on an exciting and highly successful economy
How Al Watani Funds can work for you
There are two equity funds available:
  • Al Watani Fund I: For Qatari nationals and companies
  • Al Watani Fund II: For resident expatriates, non-resident foreign nationals and companies
There are subtle differences between the two Al Watani Funds and these are detailed in the Prospectus and Articles of Association in the Investors Pack. In particular, the non-Qatari Fund ( Al Watani Fund II) is designed to meet legal requirements concerning foreign investment. 
How much can you invest and when can you sell?
A minimum investment threshold of QR 20,000 and a maximum of QR 20 million applies. Units can be sold and bought easily on a monthly basis. All you need to do is submit an application before the 20th of the month during which you wish to complete the sale or purchase. The price will be that prevailing at the end of the month.
What is an equity fund?
An equity fund is an investment vehicle that comprises a collection of company stocks (also known as equities) in which individual investors can take shares or units. This benefits investors by giving them an convenient way to access equity markets while reducing the risk normally associated with investing in single company shares. There is less risk for investors because the unit price will not fluctuate and, therefore, the investment is less volatile. However, as with any investment, share prices can rise and fall.
We will tell you how your units are performing
Once you have decided to proceed with your investment, we will send you unit holder statement detailing the fund units you have purchased. We will also send you a performance report showing the net asset value of the fund’s units at the end of each month.
How can QNB’s Al Watani Funds benefit investors?
We won’t make promises we can’t deliver on. For investors, like any investment, the returns on these funds cannot be guaranteed, and the value of the capital amount invested may rise or fall.
However, we firmly believe Al Watani Funds are special because:
  • The funds are linked to Qatar’s booming economy based on sound fundamentals
  • The funds aim to provide positive returns and at the same time reduce the risks associated with single-share trading
  • Units in the funds can be bought and sold easily
  • There is a relatively low minimum investment required
Apply now for your share in Qatar's bright future
To invest in this unique opportunity, simply complete the application form enclosed in the investors pack, then submit the form to the address below.
QNB's Asset Management Division at QNB's Grand Hamad Street 4th floor
For further details, please contact our Asset Management Division on (+974) 4440 7339. 

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