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Safety Tips

Upon receiving your credit card:
  • Sign the back of your new credit card as soon as you receive it
  • Ensure that you destroy expired credit cards
  • Memorise the PIN and destroy the PIN mailer
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone
  • Never leave your credit card unattended
When using your credit card:
  • Never let your credit card out of your sight
  • Monitor the transaction process carefully
  • Verify the transaction amount before signing the receipt
  • Never sign a blank transaction receipt
  • Ensure that you received a copy of the receipt and keep it safe
  • Ensure that your own card is returned after each transaction
At ATMs:
  • Shield your PIN from unauthorised copying
  • Ensure that you collect your credit card before leaving
  • Remember to collect the ATM receipt and keep it safe
  • Report any credit card retained by the ATM immediately to QNB by calling the
  • QNB First Members Care Centre on (+965) 2226 7000
  • Register your card with Secure 3D service to enhance your online shopping protection
  • Use your credit card only at established and reputed websites
  • Look out for the security policy of the web merchant
  • Use the 3-digit CVV code printed on the card signature panel if required
Through the telephone:
  • Use your credit card only at reputed mail order/telephone order merchants
  • Avoid authorising recurring subscriptions for more than 6 months
Tracking and verification:
  • Never throw away your transaction receipts
  • Retain your monthly credit card account statements
  • Verify all entries on the statement with your receipts
  • Activate the QNB SMS Service and receive instant text messages every time your card is used
  • Report any transaction dispute or suspicious credit card usage promptly
  • Report any unauthorised transactions immediately to the QNB Customer Care Centre
  • Inform QNB in writing of changes to your mailing address and contact number
For any assistance, please call the QNB First Members Care Centre on
(+965) 2226 7000, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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