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CritiCare is a limited pay plan that complements your medical and disability income coverage to help you:
  • Protect your savings by easing the financial impact of a critical illness.
  • Increase your savings through the refund of the Maturity Benefit you have accumulated throughout the years.


  1. You have the ability to pay premiums over 5, 7 or 10 years to enjoy coverage over 10, 15 or 20 years respectively.
  2. Based on the selected coverage amount a Lump Sum Payment on Diagnosis or in the event of sudden death resulting from any one of the 32 covered critical illnesses of any one of the 32 Covered Critical Illnesses.
  3. Sizeable Maturity Benefit, A guaranteed 75% Payback: In the happy likelihood you remain healthy and do not require using the protection element of this plan until the maturity of the plan, MetLife Alico will reimburse at least 75% of the total premiums paid throughout the term of the policy.
  4. Bonus: In addition to the 75% payback, you will be entitled to receive bonuses on your accumulated premiums. The Bonuses, when declared by the company, will accumulate on each policy anniversary starting from the 3rd policy year.
  5. The Ability to Customize the Plan to your Changing Circumstances: If at any stage after the 2nd policy year, you are no longer able to commit to the plan, CritiCare offers you the flexibility to benefit from the Reduced Paid-up (RPU) feature to keep your plan active. The RPU, which reduces your coverage, will allow you to keep your policy in force without having to pay any additional premiums until the end of the selected term.
  6. Premiums are guaranteed and level over the premium paying term of the policy, Rates depends on issue age and policy term only and payment modes include annual OR monthly.



Motor Neurone Disease

Major Cancers

Parkinson’s Disease

First Heart Attack

Benign Brain Tumor

Serious Coronary Heart Disease

Major Head Trauma

Heart Valve Replacement

Bacterial Meningitis

Fulminant Viral Hepatitis  


End Stage Liver Failure


Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Major Burns

End-stage Lung Disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Kidney Failure


Major Organ / Bone Marrow Transplant


Aplastic Anemia


Loss of Hearing

Appalic Syndrome

Loss of Speech

HIV due to Blood Transfusion and / occupationally acquired HIV

Muscular dystrophy

Progressive Scleroderma

Alzheimer’s Disease /Irreversible

Systematic Lupus Erthematosus with Lupus

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“This product is marketed and distributed by QNB on behalf of American Life Insurance Company (“MetLife Alico”)

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