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What does it mean to be part of QNB First’s Global Recognition Program?

With the success you have already achieved in your life, and the wealth you have accumulated, you deserve a premium banking service that is truly tailored to your endless ambitions. That is why it is our pleasure to recognize you as a Global QNB First member, where we understand the enduring value of a relationship based on trust.
The QNB First Global Recognition Program provides you with a direct line to all of the resources and capabilities of a truly global bank — in ways that are more in keeping with an exclusive boutique concept. The bank’s rigorously trained Customer Relationship Managers build personal relationships with our members, tapping the bank's vast network of specialists and carefully selected partners to craft solutions individually tailored to your needs. Concierge services, travel perks, and emergency services are all part of the enhanced customer experience that make banking with QNB First your preferred choice.

Global Traveler

We take great pride in knowing you, our QNB First customers firsthand. We also know very well that when you travel abroad you need a strong financial partner that you can count on, one that is there when you need them the most. Our premium banking services do just that, allowing our customers to fly with confidence to any global destination knowing they are part of a dedicated global bank, recognized both at home and abroad.

Global Investor

Having a bank by your side is like having a financial partner everywhere you go in the world. The sense of pride, security and confidence that our customers enjoy with QNB First is just the same, it stems from being a solid bank that enjoys a wide-reaching global presence. Our team of highly experienced experts and QNB Group’s unsurpassed capabilities in cutting-edge investment services are made available to you, take premium banking to a whole new dimension.

Global Citizen

Everyday more and more people are seeking growth opportunities abroad with no geographical boundaries. At QNB First we recognize such ambitions and are more than able to provide you with all that is necessary to help you achieve your goals and reach your destination. If your business or your new job is taking you across borders, you can move with QNB Group anywhere within our retail network.
The following pages demonstrate that as one of the world’s leading premium banking service providers we help you optimize your wealth and be financially empowered. Our personal touch also extends to meeting your lifestyle demands with a number of complimentary and value-added privileges at home and abroad.

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