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Registering your payment cards before travelling overseas

QNB is committed to ensuring the highest quality of service for our customers and this includes supporting our clients when they use their payment cards whether in Qatar or overseas. Due to a global increase in fraudulent activity on payment cards we have been required to increase our level of protection for our cardholders. We are therefore requesting your support by asking, that if you are travelling abroad after 1st July 2014, that you register those payment cards that you are taking with you (Debit and/or Credit). This process of registering your cards needs to be repeated each time you subsequently travel thereafter if the activation has expired.
How to register?
From Qatar, SMS the word “TRV” from your registered mobile number to 92777. You will receive confirmation that your debit and credit cards have been registered.
If you are currently travelling and your cards haven’t been registered, please register through internet banking or contact the Customer Call Centre on +974 4440 7777.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why do I have to register my cards?
To help the bank protect you from fraudulent transactions, we will be blocking suspicious transactions. To provide uninterrupted service and minimize any inconvenience whilst travelling we need to be advised of your travel plans in advance.
What will happen if I do not register my cards?
In certain countries there is a strong possibility that your transaction(s) will be declined until we are notified by you.
What happens if I forget to register my cards and I have already left Qatar?
You can register through internet banking or contact us at anytime on +974 4440 7777 to register your cards. We will gladly assist you whether you are in Qatar or travelling.
Do I just need to register my cards once?
No. Your cards will be registered for a fixed period of time and any trip undertaken after this period will require another notification to the bank.
As the Primary Cardholder do I just need to register my cards?
Upon notification, we will register all your cards or you can select individual cards through internet banking or contacting the call centre.
Do I need to register both credit and debit cards?
Upon SMS notification, we will register all your cards, debit and credit. Or you can select individual cards through internet banking or contacting the call centre.
Is paying by card an insecure method of payment?
Payment by card remains the most secure way of paying for goods & services. This registration enhances our protection for you.
If fraud happens on my card account after having registered my cards will I be liable?
The bank’s liability rules remain unchanged. If your card is stolen, you will be liable for any fraudulent transaction until you notify the bank of the missing card. If you receive an SMS for a transaction you did not authorize, please contact the bank immediately on +974 4440 7711.
After registering my cards is there any chance that I will face any problems when paying for goods & services?
We do not anticipate you having any difficulties. However, please bear in mind that transactions can be declined for a number of reasons. In cases of any difficulty, please do not hesitate to call us and we will ensure that we assist you as best we can.
I am not travelling but my daughter/son are studying overseas and have a supplementary card on my account – do I need to register their card(s)?
I have just received a new card and I registered before. Do I need to register the new card?
How long will the card be registered on the approved white list after the confirmation by SMS?
3 months or a shorter period upon customer request.
What is the maximum period I can register my card on the white list?
3 months and renewable upon customer request.
How do I deactivate my cards?
Should you wish to deactivate your cards before the expiry date, please SMS the word “TRVSTOP” TO 92777 from your registered mobile.

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