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Insta Protect Plus

A simple way to protect your loved ones as it offers a quick and hassle-free method to ensure your family’s financial protection for a relatively low cost. The Plan is designed to guarantee that your beneficiaries receive a lump- sum cash amount in case of your unfortunate loss, provides an affordable solution to cover an existing financial commitment ensure that your family can pay-off all of your liabilities if the unforeseen happens to you OR get back a portion of your paid premiums if the protection element is not used at plan maturity.


1. Life Insurance Protection
With the option of life coverage up to USD 200,000, your loved ones will be able to meet their financial obligations.
2. Affordability
Provides a good level of coverage at a low cost; thus ensuring that your beneficiaries are financially covered in the regrettable event where you are no longer with them.
3. Accelerated Terminal* Illness Benefit
Allows the acceleration of the full Face amount to the Insured if diagnosed of Terminal Illness. Upon payment of such benefit, the policy will be terminated
* Terminal Illness is an advanced and incurable illness that will result in death within 12 months.
4. Guaranteed Cash Back
In the happy likelihood where you did not use the protection element of this plan until its maturity, MetLife Alico will reimburse 50% of the total premiums paid throughout the term of the policy.
5. Premiums are guaranteed and level over the premium paying term of the policy, Rates depends on issue age and policy term only and payment modes include annual OR monthly

*Terms and conditions apply

“This product is marketed and distributed by QNB on behalf of American Life Insurance Company (“MetLife Alico”)


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