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Personal Loans

No matter what your aspirations and needs, our financing packages and offerings will help you and provide you with the necessary support to get there.

With our products and offerings package, you are now closer to many things you desired, such as going on your dream vacation, providing the best educational opportunities for your children, celebrating special occasions as planned or receiving the most advanced and up-to-date medical treatment, in addition to pampering yourself with the most plush and prestigious products.

All you have to do is apply for a personal loan from QNB and enjoy your life in style.

Types of Personal Loans:

Personal Loan against Salary

Personal Loan against Fixed Deposit: You can get the cash you need while maintaining your fixed deposit and accruing profits. With a personal loan against your fixed term deposit, you get cash up to 90% of your fixed deposit value at the lowest interest rates upon application using only your ID.

IPO Loans: Whether you are an experienced stock market investor, or just getting started, an IPO finance loan can help you grab the best opportunities.


Flexible Facilities

Top Up Loan:
Should you need extra cash while your loan is still outstanding, we can top it up for you quickly and easily.
Loan Transfer:
Take advantage of the benefits of QNB’s offers and unique services. We are happy to help you quickly and easily transfer your salary to QNB and settle your liabilities with other banks in addition to all related fees and expenses at the lowest and most favorable rates in Qatar.
Early Repayment
You can fully or partially repay your outstanding loan at any time, and with no fees.
Grace Period
Get your loan today and start payments after a period of up to 3 months.
Postpone Loan Installments
We understand that you could face difficult times or emergencies. No need to worry, we are by your side. You can postpone up to two loan installments per year.

Interest and Fees

  • Most competitive interest rates in Qatar.

  • Full transparency displaying them entirely (Flat/APR).

  • No fees.

  • Special rates for Qatari retirees and the customers who are transferring their salary and liabilities to QNB.


Procedures and Services

  • Simple procedures that ensure availing the loan within a maximum period of 24 hours, if all requirements are met.

  • Well trained sales executives who are ready to visit you at your convenience.

  • The option to submit applications through online banking services.

  • The largest network of branches and ATMs in Qatar.

  • Unique internet and mobile applications.

  • Multiple options to communicate and respond to queries.


Credit Policy

Loan amount (QR)*
Min Monthly Salary(QR)
Up to 2,000,000
Up to 72 Months
Up to 400,000
Up to 48 Months
*including interest.
**The maximum Debt Burden Ratio of monthly installment to monthly salary.
** Varies according to the classification of employers by the bank.
Special Offers and Campaigns
From time to time and in certain occasions, the bank presents unique offers that may include a variety of gift options and prizes, in addition to significant reductions on interest rates and fees.
For more information on special current offers and campaigns, please contact us through the various communication channels.
Required Documents
Required Documents
New Loan or Top-up   
Transferring Liabilities to QNB
Valid ID
Valid Passport
Salary Certificate of latest monthly salary
Liabilities certificate from current bank
The Next Step
Kindly prepare your documents and communicate with us through one of the following channels:
  • Our website
  • Our internet and mobile applications.
  • Contact our Customer Care Centre on 44407777
  • Visit your nearest branche.
  • Apply Online
 * To review or print the Personal Loans flyer click here
Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Some offers are subject to special terms and conditions.
  • The bank may request additional documents in specific cases.
  • Applications submitted by employees working in institutions/companies not included in QNB’s approved companies list shall be considered on an individual basis and case by case. 


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