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QNB USSD Banking Service



USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Services Data), a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service providers and transact with financial institutions). This Banking Service, is a new trend in today’s eServices channels, particularly within mobile banking supporting interactive messaging sessions that work on all types of mobile phones using GSM technology platform.

The USSD Service is offered for all Retail QNB Customers who have either an Ooredoo and/or Vodafone GSM Service is free of cost, fast and convenient to our existing eServices offerings.

Customers will be able to make general enquiries about their Account and Card balances as well as being able to make utility bill payments for: Ooredoo and Vodafone; Post Paid Services (1. Full Payments or 2. Partial and Excess payments); Ooredoo Hala Top-Up; Purchase Vodafone Red Top-Up Vouchers and Perform Card Payments, in addition to Kahramaa Bill Payment Services.


Eligibility and Registering in USSD:

• Customers with either an Ooredoo and / or Vodafone Mobile GSM Account service (Prepaid or Post Paid Services).

• Customers should be enrolled in QNB SMS banking services prior to registering for USSD services.

• If you are not already registered in the QNB SMS banking services please contact the Customer Care Centre on telephone number 44407777 to complete the registration process.

• Customer next steps will be to complete USSD registration process as detailed below.

• Customers can access the service from anywhere as long they have Ooredoo signal on their mobile.

• There is no need to have a mobile data and internet service access on their Ooredoo mobile or pay for SMS messages from their Mobile services account.

Please note that a daily limit of 10 transactions and a maximum limit of QAR 5,000 apply to each of the Bill Payments


QNB USSD Services Details:

QNB USSD Services allows customers to:

• Inquire about their Accounts and Card balances

• Make utility bill payments for:

- Ooredoo (Shahry Post Paid Services) (1.Full Payments or 2. Partial and Excess payments)

- Vodafone Post Paid or prepaid (1.Full Payments or 2. Partial and Excess payments)

- Kahramaa Bill Payment Services

• Ooredoo Hala Top-Up

• Purchase Vodafone Red Top-Up Vouchers

• Perform Card Payments (1. Full Payments or 2.Partial and Excess payments)

Services Access requirement /registration instructions:

• Customers should be subscribed to QNB SMS Banking as noted above and have registered their mobile number, Otherwise, they should call the CCC at 44407777 to complete registration.

• Only one phone number can be register to the services.

• The initial language setting in English or Arabic will be set dependent on the customers Mobile number as set by Ooredoo or Vodafone (For Arabic language setting: Key board can be in Arabic however, the Numeric Keypad settings must always be set to English)

To change language settings for Ooredoo Pre or Post USSD registration:

• You may call Ooredoo at 111 or;

• Dial the service command *100#

• Select option 1. collect call

• For Shahry Customer (Postpaid services): Select option 5. Change language

• For Hala customers (Prepaid services) Select option 6. Change language.

• Select option 1. for Arabic and 2. for English.


To change the default language for USSD at any time, the customer must dial Vodafone Customer Care by entering *100# press send and then follow the below steps:

• Take option 4 My Settings

• Followed by option 4 Menu Language

• Select 1. For English

• 2. For Arabic

Initial registration:

• The mobile key pad must be used to dial the service command *117# to initiate the USSD service session.

• After dialing *117# and pressing “send”, the user will then be prompted for the First Time to register by entering the last 4 digits of one of their current and valid Debit Card/s and corresponding 4 digit Debit Card PIN.

• On the next menu, the user will be prompted to enter / select the USSD 4 digit PIN and reconfirm the same PIN entry.

• Following successful USSD PIN user will be prompted and gain access to main USSD menu.

Post successful registration:

• For future subsequent access to QNB USSD Banking services, user must dial the service command *117#, and after the message prompt, the user must enter the same 4 digit USSD pin that has been previously selected in the above step to gain access to the main USSD menu screen.

• If the user enters three (3) invalid PIN entry attempts for the USSD PIN, then access to the USSD Main menu will be restricted. User must contact the call center at 44407777 to reset the USSD access. User will be required to repeat the initial registration steps.

Ooredoo USSD Main Menu
Vodafone USSD Main Menu
Welcome to QNB USSD Banking
1- Balance Inquiry
2- Bill Payments
3- Card Payment
4- Vodafone Vouchers
5- Ooredoo Hala Top-up
Welcome to QNB USSD Banking
1- Balance Inquiry
2- Bill Payments
3- Card Payment
4- Vodafone Vouchers

Incident Reporting

For terms and conditions Click here. Any customer that may encounter any issues or have further inquiries can contact our Call Customer Care Center on the telephone number +(974) 4440 7777

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