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Salary Continuation Plan

An affordable and simple way to ensure family financial stability in the event of accidental loss of life or permanent total disability by putting away a small portion of your salary monthly, in the event of unfortunate circumstances, QNB customers will have access to either a lump sum payout or a daily income While the money will never replace you, it will help your loved ones maintain their standards of living and cover their essential costs of living such as Housing, Children’s education and healthcare expenses.

  • In the event of Accidental loss of life or permanent Total Disability, a lump-sum payout of your 12 last monthly salaries (up to a maximum of QR 500,000) will be credited to your personal account at QNB.
  • Hospitalization due to accident is a traumatic experience especially if you are left worrying about your lost income. If you are confined to a hospital bed, your Salary Continuation Plan provides you with QR 100 per day (for a maximum of 30 days per accident) and would help focus on getting better while your family’s well being is covered
*Terms and conditions apply.

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