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About QNB Life Rewards

QNB welcomes you to the first Total Relationship loyalty program in Qatar, rewarding your life every step of the way. QNB has always been committed to exceeding your expectations, and to offering you tailor made services and products that conveniently cater to your needs. Now, by becoming a member of our QNB Life Rewards Program, you will have the chance to accumulate Life Rewards Points for your daily banking transactions, in addition to earning while spending on your Life Rewards debit or credit card.
Earning points has never been faster nor so easy to track. Your points earned will open the gates to numerous options of rewards. You will be able to simply exchange your points for various options including products from luxurious boutiques, dinners at 5-star hotels, air miles, utility payments, and even cash back on your credit card! You can even send points to your loved ones and reward their lives on special occasions.
All you need is your Life Rewards debit card or credit card and you will automatically have access to the features and benefits of the Life Rewards program. As your monthly salary or total deposits holding in QNB increases, you will earn more Life Rewards points The program offers three levels of membership – Essential, Select and First. Find out which tier you belong to in the below table:
Eligibility Criteria First Select Essential
Monthly Salary Requirements to Qualify (transferred to QNB) Minimum monthly salary of QR35,000
Average daily balance of QR 350,000 or more (or equivalent in other currencies)
QR 15,000 up to QR 35,000 Up to QR15,000


The best loyalty program in Qatar

QNB’s Life Rewards Program offers its customers the opportunity to instantly redeem their points through either a list of exciting participating partners, exchanged for a variety of other loyalty points, payment of a utility bill, or cash back on credit cards. QNB continues to go above and beyond with the three different membership levels of QNB Life Rewards each offering different earning rates and membership benefits.
This website is your guide to start accumulating your Life Rewards points with complete details on earning and redemption, a summary of how many points you can earn with different transactions, and answers to all the inquiries you may have. In addition, it presents a detailed list of all our participating partners, many  of which you can earn Extra Points on credit or debit card spending, and all of which you can redeem your points.
Now it really pays to use your card for everyday purchases – at the supermarket, the dentist, your favorite restaurant and everywhere! Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying some of the best rewards anywhere.
Start earning your Life Rewards Points today !

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