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Spending with QNB Life Rewards credit cards every Thursday, doubles your rewards points


QNB Life Rewards has brought a new exciting offer that rewards you more on all your transactions.


Double your points with this rewarding experience every time you use QNB Life Rewards credit cards every Thursday. The points will be doubled based on your current points scheme. It will be applied for any domestic or international purchasing transaction.


Points will be calculated based on Doha, Qatar time zone until 16th November.


Detail Program Terms and Conditions:

1. Double points will be given every Thursday during the program period, based on current scheme and current terms and conditions:


2. Points will be calculated based on Transaction Date and Time. Every Thursday starting on 00:00 to 23:59 on Doha, Qatar Zone-time.

3. Maximum bonus points given per customer is 20,000 Life Rewards points per Thursday during program period.

4. All Life Rewards Points earned will be reflected on cardholder’s Life Rewards account instantly, based on their transactions after it is being settled.

5. Points will not also be given for cash withdrawal transaction or any non-eligible transaction type, based on as current program terms and conditions.

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