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 Redeem Your QNB Life Rewards Points

Now that you have earned your QNB Life Rewards points you can start exchanging them for your rewards. QNB offers you a wide range of redemption options including a broad network of partners. We make it very easy to redeem your points anywhere and anytime you want, whether directly in our Partner outlets, or through QNB Internet Banking or through QNB’s ATM network.
There are various ways whereby you can exchange your Life Rewards Points which include:
  • Pay with points at our list of participating partners. You can INSTANTLY redeem your Life Rewards points in our extensive selection of high quality partners, spanning across fashion, jewelry & accessories, electronics, hypermarkets, casual dining, fine dining, 5-star hotel accommodation, spa treatments and much more. Click here to find our exclusive partners.
  • Pay your airlines tickets, hotels and car rental. Click on www.liferewardsholiday.com for all your travel needs where you can choose over 900 airlines, 450,000 hotels and 150,000 car rental around the world and pay with Life Rewards points. Booking is easy and confirmation is instant.

  • Cross-loyalty rewards. Life Rewards Points can be exchanged for a variety of other loyalty points or miles, including Qmiles and Nojoom Points.  The process of crediting points to other loyalty programs may take up to 1 month from the request date. This redemption is not applicable for joint account customers. 
  • Direct utility bill payment. As a member of Life Rewards, you can now pay your bills for Kahramaa, Ooredoo or Vodafone with points, either through online banking or at ATMs.
  • Cash Back on your QNB Life Rewards Credit Card. Points can be redeemed as Credit Balance to your credit card statement, effectively paying off your outstanding credit card balance.
Type of Rewards Required No. of Life Rewards Points Value Of Life Rewards
*At participating partner outlets 20 QAR 1
Qatar Airways Q Miles 1 1 Qmile
Nojoom Points 1 1 Nojoom Point
Cash Back on Life Rewards Credit Cards 50 QAR 1
Utility Bill / mobile service payment 50 QAR 1
At Life Rewards Holiday Portal 22 QAR 1
Harrods 140 GBP 1
 **For example, if the customer accumulated 2,000 Life Reward Points, they can be exchanged at one of our participating partner outlets with a reward with a value of QAR100, or 2,000 Q Miles, or 2,000 Nojoom Points, or QAR 40 as cash back on credit card balance statement, or QAR 40 in utility bill payment
As a member in the Life Rewards program, you will have the option to transfer your Life Reward points to another member through your online banking portal. This way you can help your friends and family members get those rewards they wanted so badly. Transferred points stay valid until the end of that same year, to give the beneficiary time touse the transferred points. This service is completely free cost to you.
Transfer your points to a friend or family member now.

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