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Customer Business Continuity Guidance

QNB Oman has detailed business continuity plans and procedures to ensure the safety and security of its customers and staff during a crisis or emergency.

During a fire or other life threatening evacuation:

  •  Do not panic and stay calm.

  • Be aware of the location of your nearest fire extinguishers.

  • Follow security instructions provided by Safety and Security Staff or fire wardens.

  • Help other staff, if possible and needed.

  • Do not provide first aid/CPR unless you know it.

Back Up Site

A back up site for our Main Branch Office has been identified and in the event of an emergency or disaster our staff may be relocated to this location the details of which will be made available as and when required.

Emergency Contact Numbers

In the event of an emergency or disaster please contact:      

Contact Branch and/or Person

Contact No.

Oman Main Office Branch

 +968 24 725 555

QNB Customer Care Call Centre (Qatar)

(+974) 4440 7777

IT/BCP Coordinator: Mr. Ahmed A Fakhro

+968 96222288

COO: Mr. Saleh Thabit Al Awaidy

+968  96000055


Branch Back-up Plan

If any of the branches are damaged, the table below shows the alternative branch to which the staff and customers will move. Notice will be placed on the branch and other communication will be made to customers to use alternative branches. Customers are always welcome in any of our branches.


Name of branch/office

Telephone & Fax


Alternative location


Main office/
Muscat Branch

Phone Numbers : +968 24 725 555
Fax Number : +968 24 779 233

Building No: 1540,
Way No.2724,
CBD Area,
Sultanate of Oman

Omantel, KOM



Phone Numbers : +968 24 72 54 00

Address : PO Box: 4050, PC 112 Ruwi Building No.5909, Plot No.139/142, Block No.206, Way No.664 Qurum

Muscat Branch



Phone Numbers : +968 24 72 54 30

 Address : PO BOX: 1500, PC 611 Nizwa Block No.48 NE, Firq main Road, Nizwa

Muscat Branch



Phone Numbers : +968 24 72 54 15

Address : PO BOX: 1020, PC 311 Sohar Plot No.RM/285/2005, Al Waqaiba Street, Al Waqaiba, Sohar

Barka / Muscat Branch



Phone Numbers : +968 26 86 26 20 / 24 725445

 Address : PO BOX: 4050, PC 112 Ruwi Physical Add: Plot No. Plot No. 017 at Al Sumhan Barka.

Muscat Branch



Phone Numbers : +968 24 62 59 78

Ruwi Physical Add: Plot No.27, Block No.261, Street No.51, Building No.281. Baushar

Muscat Branch

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