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Investment Services

Portfolio Management
Our award winning asset management team can invest and manage an exclusive portfolio of local and regional equities, bonds as well and commodities on your behalf, according to your risk profile and specific investment strategy.
Al Watani Funds:
The local equity funds available for Qatari or non-Qatari individuals, resident or non-resident in Qatar and managed by a skillful team of fund managers with unmatched expertise and understanding of the Qatari equity market.
The objective of the fund is to enable you to benefit from the country’s future growth by investing in local blue chips companies.
Debt Fund:
The fund invests in bonds and other debt securities issued or guaranteed by GCC governments or their agencies and companies in the GCC. 
The objective of the fund is to provide a return rate above fixed deposits rates on QAR with a low risk investment approach.
The fund invests in equities and equity linked securities in Brazil, Russia, India, China and Qatar.
The objective of the fund is to enhance the diversification of asset allocation in your portfolios while profiting from the significant potential growth of the emerging markets and economies.
International Brokerage
With QNB Financial Services, our private banking clients can trade local, regional and international stocks and bonds while taking advantage of the world-class QNB Financial Services research and analysis to have a clearer and sharper picture of the markets and hence make better investment decisions.
Structured Notes
Tailor-made to your preferences, these investment vehicles provide full or partial capital protection at maturity and offer investors the opportunity to participate in the potential growth of the underlying asset class, whether it was equities, fixed income and / or commodities.

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