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How can QNB service you?


Enhance Returns on Excess Funds

Plain vanilla fixed deposits

  • QNB does not enter into high risk transactions such as sub-prime lending or any complicated financial products. Its ownership and management control by the Qatari government and its dominant position at the high growth MENA region makes it one of the most stable banks globally.
  • Yet QNB’s fixed deposits rates have consistently matched or bettered that of “branded” international banks.

Support Asian companies venturing into MENA


Strong MENA presence

  • Ability to support Asian companies venturing into the Middle East and North Africa region where we can leverage on our vast network and know-how where very few international banks do not have.

Familiarity to MENA business practice

  • Ability to look at MENA projects that are unfamiliar with existing bankers of Asian companies.
  • Experience has shown that guarantee formats to be issued to MENA principals for projects bids are more acceptable by MENA banks compared to other international banks.

Reduce costs

  • By dealing directly with QNB, companies could avoid paying “middle man marked up” charged by its existing banks with no presence in MENA region.

Lending QNB’s brand name

  • Having a MENA national bank like QNB in its banking panel helps to enhance Asian companies’ reputations when tying up with local partners.

Diversify Source of Funding

Islamic Banking Franchise

  • Wide MENA investors base and Islamic financing franchise provides a good alternative funding source for Asian companies.

New kid on the block

  • QNB Singapore covers the whole Asia-Pacific region.
  • Several domestic and international banks are either full on limits to Asian companies or crippled by the current financial turmoil. QNB has the lending capacity given its low exposure to Asian companies.

Syndication Market

Good Track Record

  • Active player in the syndication market
  • Good track record in matching the customer’s vast requirements with the right financing structure

 Full Portfolio of Services

  • Provide advisory, arrangements and underwrites syndicated deals
  • Develop deal structure and pricing strategies
  • Determine syndication strategy and timetable for execution
  • Facilitate successful deal implementation including preparation of information memorandum, book-running, loan documentation, arrangement of publicity and signing
  • Provide experienced loan agency services

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