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Is a contract in which a party undertakes to produce a specific thing which is possible to be made according to certain agreed-upon specifications at a determined price and for a fixed date of delivery. This type of Islamic finance mode undertaking of production includes any process of manufacturing, construction, assembling or packaging.


  • Very Competitive profit rate.
  • Targeting to encourage & facilitate the full use of the technical capacity,
  • To facilitate financing of infrastructure projects


  • Maintain an active account with QNB
  • Business nature matches with the requested facility,
  • Audited financial statements for at least three recent years (reliable & certified auditor),
  • Profrma Invoice
  • Finance request containing the amount, purpose…etc.
  • Feasibility study from reliable consultants office
  • To meet the bank's requirements concerning (Collaterals/Securities/others documents).

* Terms & Conditions apply.

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