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Supporting local talent

As a global bank, QNB provides opportunities across numerous countries. As a priority, QNB aims to recruit from the local job market through the hire of experienced professionals or by liaising with academic institutions to attract local talent. QNB focuses on the development of nationals, throughout its global network. However we recognize our commitment to Qatar and have a strong desire to provide opportunities for Qatari nationals in Qatar.



The Bank's five-year strategic plan includes the percentage of Qatari employees to be recruited and retained in every department. QNB's career development programs are designed to attract and retain national talent by providing comprehensive training and development with progression to positions of responsibility and senior job grades. QNB's Qatarization drive has proved to be very effective and has reached 50% of the total workforce with plans to increase further.

In 2011 QNB launched the "Ambassador Program" within the framework of Talent Management and Qatari Leadership Development agenda. The aim of the program is to expose high potential Qatari employees to the international banking environment so that they can develop "best international practice" leadership competencies and skills. Program participants are seconded to QNB international branches for a period of 12-24 months. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will return to QNB Qatar and they will assume leadership positions as per agreed Executive Development Plan (EDP).