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Qatar National Bank (QNB) Group the largest financial institution in the State of Qatar and the MENA region, has successfully completed its latest venture, the QNB Hotspot Wi-Fi Project. Through this initiative, all QNB branches and buildings throughout Qatar will now have free Wi-Fi access.

With this service now readily available Qatar wide, QNB has again reaffirmed its position as the institute of choice for customers.

Through QNB’s Hotspot system, customers are able to access the internet from QNB premises. This offers convenience and improved practicality for all involved as well as certain key features. Firstly, QNB customers will have free access to the internet meaning that all of their banking needs can be done straight from a mobile phone or similar device. QNB adds that the connection is a high data speed, meaning faster and more effective service for customers.

When logging on to use the system, QNB customers will be directed to QNB website (, before being able to navigate to any other websites.

QNB is always striving for ways to improve its services, and consequently achieving this. The Bank does this through innovation and refinement of their offerings and services, with QNB’s Hotspot Wi-Fi Project joining an ever growing list.

QNB’s Hotspot Wi-Fi Project signifies a blending of traditional banking with technological advances as the Bank always aims to make this is practical as possible for all of those in the communities in which it operates in.

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