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Qatar National Bank (QNB) the largest financial institution in Qatar and in the Gulf has been the recipient of the Best Bank in Qatar award by Euromoney. This is the 9th time that QNB has been selected for this industry recognised award, highlighting the bank’s consistent leading position and strong performances across all economic sectors. The award ceremony took place in Dubai on June 6th.


This latest award demonstrates that QNB has had consistent growth across all activities, which was a major consideration for the award. In the first financial quarter of this year, QNB Group recorded a net profit of QR 2.0 billion which is up 17.4% compared to the same period last year.

What’s more, the Bank has consistently shown to be a very safe and secure bank, as was confirmed with QNB being named as one of the World’s 50 Safest Banks in 2012. This compounded with it being the institute of choice for customers, employees, investors and suppliers and also a dominant market player all work to ensure it remains the best bank.

QNB Group has one of the highest ratings in the MENA region. These ratings demonstrates the Bank’s strong financial position, systemic importance and its overall asset quality.

QNB’s rating from leading international rating agencies including Standard & Poor’s, Capital Intelligence, Fitch and Moody's is the highest or on par with a small group of leading financial institutions in the region.

QNB has steadily grown to be among the largest banks in the MENA region and is by far the leading financial institution in Qatar, holding more than 40% of the total banking assets in the country.

QNB Group operates in more than 24 countries around the world through its network, subsidiaries and associate companies employing about 7,000 staff operating from 335 branches and offices that are supported by an ATM network that exceeds 650 machines.

The Euromoney Awards for Excellence are among the most prestigious global awards for banking excellence. In addition to certified performance criteria, the judges utilize independent data available from BankScope, Bloomberg, Capital Intelligence, and Dealogic while choosing winners each year. The award is designed to review a wide range of qualitative and quantitative standards such as business volume, innovation, leadership, credit ratings, quality of assets and earnings, efficiency ratios and key performance indicators.

The Best Bank Award is given only to financial institutions having both commercial and retail banking capabilities. The Best Bank Award, which stands as an industry recognition of QNB's achievements in different banking services, also addressed capabilities of QNB Capital, the investment banking arm of QNB, particularly how investment banking and advisory services complement QNB’s overall reputation as the leading bank in Qatar.

Euromoney is a leading magazine and industry analyst that has in depth knowledge on key financial markets, top of development sectors and industry trends. The magazine has benchmark awards, such as its ‘Best Bank Award’ that are rated by the industry, for the industry. It is the prime magazine of the wholesale financial world, its institution and its users.

Established in 1964 as the first Qatari owned bank, QNB Group has its ownership split (50%) between by the Government of Qatar via Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) and the public. The largest bank in Qatar, QNB is listed on the Qatar Exchange (QE).

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