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As part of its continuous efforts to educate and enhance the skills of high school graduates and undergraduate university students, QNB, the largest financial institution in Qatar and an important contributor in aligning the outputs of school education with the needs of the labor market, launched 50 scholarships to Qatari students to pursue their higher education at leading international universities in the country. 

This step comes in line with the Banks efforts to promote development and prosperity in various sectors in the country.Selection is restricted to Qatari students with a percentage score of not less than 70% in secondary school and undergraduate students with an average GPA score 3 who are looking to continue their academic study. Eligible students are subject to initial conditions if they were accepted for the scholarship.

The aim of this program is to support the education sector in the Country, as it is one of the most important pillars of the community, and a major contributor in the development of national workforce. It will open the door for them to pursue the best career in the future.

Students can choose from the highly valued and advanced educational majors offered by the prestigious universities that are considered the best in the world. They include Qatar University an Qatar Foundation’s universities including University of Texas, Carnegie Mellon University, George Town University, College of the North Atlantic and Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar.

This program presents many incentive advantages to attract students to enroll in these scholarships and to pave the way for them to continue their education and achieve their aspirations and thus reaching social and economic security. QNB covers all fees and costs for students.

As encouragement to the students, the Bank provides monthly allowances to motivate them to excel and achieve the best results.

In addition to monthly allowances, the Bank recognizes outstanding students through distributing regular rewards to gifted and talented students who have achieved the required average GPA score at the end of each year, which help to promote competition among them and highlight their abilities and encourage them to be more innovative.

QNB also offers summer training programs to students through internship in the Bank’s department for a month. These internships offer a good opportunity for them to improve their skills and prepares them contribute to the process of economic and social development, as well as benefit from their studies and apply it in the summer time.

The Bank is committed to achieving overall development, and supporting students through providing them with the right job immediately after graduation if they passed the program successfully and showed the skills and abilities which they have acquired to apply it in the workplace.

QNB is keen to give a good example to other institutions by providing distinctive services, quality of performance and continuous improvement through innovation and the development of human talents and promote the spirit of teamwork to achieve its goals.

Last year, QNB provided a large number of seats for students in the scholarship program.

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