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Group the largest financial institution in the State of Qatar and in the Gulf region was awarded the Best Mobile Application payment award for its Tap and Pay card option at the Smart Card Awards Middle East 2012 that was held at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.


In March this year, QNB launched its Tap and Pay card feature at QITCOM, ahead of its rollout Qatar wide. After only 3 short months of being available for use on the market, this option has clearly been a resounding success for customers and retailers alike as is affirmed through this award win.

QNB was the first bank in Qatar to launch a card with a Tap and Pay feature via a Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled phone, once again signaling its place at the forefront of the banking sector. This service is currently available on a number of Smart phones. Further, QNB customers have been eagerly switching over to this innovative service which promises to make buying and paying quicker and simpler.

NFC is a set of standards for smartphones and similar gadgets, working by establishing radio communication with each other by either touching them together or bringing them into very close proximity with one another. As such, QNB Group is also always looking for ways to adapt technological advances into its products to keep up with world standards while making banking that much easier for its customers.

Moreover, through a deal between QNB and Qtel, customers of both companies have the added benefit of signing up to a QNB PayPass enabled Qtel sim card. Additionally, QNB customers who are looking for even more time and cost effective methods, there is a ‘sticker’ which is equipped with PayPass technology that can then be secured onto their already existing mobile phones. This means that customers can still make payments by utilising Tap and Pay without having to worry about if their phone is a NFC capable mobile phone or not.

The Smart Card Awards allow international recognition by focusing on outstanding organisations who perform tasks with flare, dedication and success which results in creating and encourages growth and satisfies those they serve.

QNB Group as a leading financial institution is always looking for methods to remove the stress of banking and payments away from its customers, and upgrade to readily available technology. This award proves that the Bank is always thinking in the right field, and is understanding of its customers’ needs.

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