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The Mini Marathon hosted by Qatar National Bank (QNB) on National Sports Day welcomed a large number of participants including the bank’s staff as well as officials of Qatar Investment Authority, Qatar Holding and members of the public who signed up to compete. This included many families.

The total number of registrations for the QNB Mini Marathon reached 3,500 individual entries in addition to 4,000 other guests who participated in other activities at the QNB Fun Zone and recreation areas.

QNB’s executive leadership also participated in the proceedings to demonstrate their commitment to actively participating in National Sports Day Led by Mr. Ali Shareef Al Emadi, QNB Group Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of QNB’s National Sports Day task force.

First place finishers in each category received a cheque for QR20,000 in addition to a commemorative plaque; second place winners received QR15,000 in addition to a plaque; third place received QR10,000, while all winners finishing from fourth to twentieth in each category received a cheque for QR2000.

On the occasion, Mr. Ali Shareef Al Emadi said that the large turnout and active participation of so many individuals is a great success for the Bank, particularly given the large number of participants in all categories of the race. He said this is a great sign for the future and the enthusiasm of the people in Qatar will certainly help meet the goal of incorporating sport in everyday life according to the vision of the State under the wise leadership of HH The Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

Mr. Al Emadi said QNB is always seeking new ways to support sport in Qatar where it is one of the most significant pillars of the society and future economic sustainability.

He said that the Bank is committed to supporting the proliferation of sports as an activity and the virtues that Sport brings with it, including both indoor and outdoor sporting events. The Mini Marathon and associated activities hosted this year at Aspire Park are an extension of this commitment  to the community including members of staff.

He said the bank often looks beyond supporting sporting events in Qatar, and is always seeking opportunities to organize such activities involving its staff in order to deliver greater cohesion as well as develop a strong culture of health and fitness  within the group.

Mr. Al Emadi said that this event serves as a starting point for other such activities in upcoming years, stressing the need for to amplify these efforts every year.

In conclusion, he thanked everyone for their participation and expressed his appreciation to all the individuals who contributed to the successful organization of the event, particularly the Qatar Association of Athletics Federation and the Ministry of Interior as well as Aspire Zone and the Qatar Red Crescent for their invaluable contributions.

Two areas were dedicated on the day to entertain children of all ages. The Fun Zones featured a wide range of activities and games, as well as rest areas for families next to the entertainment areas.

The marathon started at 2pm and was contested in 5 categories over a distance of 3 miles. The competition categories included boys and girls under the age of 18, men and women over 18, and a special race classification for people with special needs (only the wheel chaired). QNB also provided medical services for participants including health advice related to the height and weight as well as conducting a few medical checks on site for blood pressure and diabetes.


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