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Doha, 6 February 2012- In keeping with the spirit of the recently announced annual Sports Day which will be held in the State of Qatar on the second Tuesday of every February, QNB in 2012 will be hosting a commemoratory Mini-Marathon for people of all ages at Aspire Park, which is situated adjacent to Vilaggio Mall, behind Hayyat Plaza Mall.

QNB’s employees and their families will participate in this year’s race, which  is also open to amateurs. _ In the spirit of full community inclusion, people with special needs are especially invited to register and compete. Participants are invited to register by visiting The deadline for registrations will be Sunday, 12 February 2012.

On the sidelines of the races,  a number of associated family activities will take place. Two areas will be dedicated to entertain children of all ages 12pm to 5pm. The Fun Zones will feature a wide range of activities and games, as well as rest areas for families next to the entertainment areas.

The QNB mini-marathon will include races in 5 categories in the 3Km run which starts at 2pm. The competition categories include boys and girls under the age of 18, men and women over 18, and a special race classification for people with special needs (only the wheel chaired),  which will help them participate with their peers and be included in this significant new initiative by the State of Qatar to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Bank will offer cash rewards to the first 20 winners in each category. The first finisher will receive a cheque of QR20,000 from QNB, while the second finisher receives QR15,000 and the third QR10,000. Winners finishing fourth to 20th will earn QR2,000 each. Appreciation certificates will also be presented for participants.

QNB will be providing a number of medical services for participants including health advice related to the height and weight as well as conducting few medical checks on site for blood pressure and diabetes.

During a press conference the Bank held today, Mr. Ali Rashid AL Mohannadi, Executive General Manager, Chief Operating Officer and vice president of the Organizing Committee_ said that the idea for the QNB Mini Marathon  came from the Bank’s integral desire to support the State’s vision of reinforcing the importance of regular exercise and physical activity to promote a healthy lifestyle for Qatar’s overall society and ensuring that this becomes a family institution as well as a cultural trend in Qatar.

He added that QNB is one of the biggest supporters of sports in the country and is proud to have, over the years, supported and participated in many events and sporting ambitions that have helped build the foundations of Qatar’s strong sports infrastructure which is one of the major economic pillars of Qatar’s future sustainability.

Mr. Al Mohannadi also stated that all safety and health precautions were being taken in the organization of the activities and that the Qatar Red Crescent will be ready to offer medical services with ambulances present at the venue during the festival to cover both general requirements as well as be prepared for any emergencies during the race. 

He also thanked the Qatar Association of Athletics Federation for its significant role in consulting with QNB and supporting the organization of the first ever QNB Sprint Festival. More than 80 judges from the QAAF will be participating and more than 50 organizers and supervisors will be administering all the competitive events.

Mr. Al Mohannadi  invited all individuals, national organizations, public and private sector institutions as well as the members of the media to participate in this festival.

QNB had earlier formed a dedicated committee under the leadership of QNB Group Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ali Shareef Al Emadi including a number of appointed staff members to implement a Sports Day plan to support Qatar’s national Sport Day.

This committee was tasked with developing ideas and proposals in addition to commissioning feasibility and impact studies to prepare a broad sports activity program that brings together the bank’s employees and various sections of society including individuals, governmental institutions and the private sector.

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