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Doha, January 2012 - Qatar National Bank (QNB), the leading financial institution in the State of Qatar, today announced the launch of the dedicated QNB Mortgage Loan Center which will serve as a full service one-stop destination for all customers looking to secure mortgage financing in Qatar.

Whether its property for self use or as an investment, QNB will offer home and land financing at rates as low as 4.35%, the lowest in Qatar. Additionally, customers will receive free property evaluation report and free home care insurance for one full year.
Located at the QNB C-Ring Road branch, the Mortgage Loan Center will be staffed by specialized advisors who will work with customers and guide them from the initial application step until the process is completed. Customers interested in purchasing property for self use, or those investing in Qatar’s lucrative real estate market will find QNB’s Mortgage Loan Center to be the right partner.

The QNB Mortgage Loan Center was launched following the success of the QNB Vehicle Finance Center which provides a similar one-stop service for all customers seeking vehicle loans.

The Bank said in a statement that the primary objective of the consolidation of mortgage finance resources to the QNB Mortgage Loan Center was to accelerate and simplify the loan application and approval process. The Bank said that this, if benchmarked against the success of the Vehicle Finance Center, will provide much faster turnaround periods for all applicants. 

QNB offers competitive mortgage rates and no management fees, coupled with flexible repayment options, and tailored finance for ready property and land in order to help customers turn their dreams into reality.

Customer Service Officers at the Mortgage Loan Center will help customers determine their borrowing eligibility, complete the necessary forms, and will guide them through the entire approval process.

An individual's borrowing eligibility is based on monthly income, overall employment benefits, and existing financial liabilities with QNB or any other financial institution.

To apply for a mortgage loan, customers can call at 4440 7777 or visit the QNB Mortgage Loan Center in order to get an idea of their eligibility. They must also open a salaried account at QNB, with which the staff will help them.

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