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QNB partnership with ictQATAR awards top e-learning performers

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Qatar National Bank (QNB) in partnership with ictQATAR, the country's telecommunications regulatory authority, celebrated  the achievements of top performers in the ictQATAR’s National e-Learning Portal online courses offered by the QNB Learning and Development Center. The  top staff performers received certifications of appreciation in recognition of their efforts, in presence of officials from ictQatar.

QNB's Learning and Development Center provides the Bank's employees with a comprehensive range of training and development programs supported by  on-the-job training and e-learning techologies and tools, designed to meet their role-specific needs and help drive their careers further by imparting technical efficiency, advanced skills and the ability to deal with every job requirement. The courses offered are based on global best practices and are tailored to meet individual and departmental requirements.


enQNB partnership with ictQATAR 2Strongly believing that e-learning can play a key role in developing Qatar’s knowledge-based economy,  QNB and ictQATAR established in Early 2011,   a partnership to help deliver training courses to QNB staff. Commencing April 2011 a range of on-line e-learning courses were offered to the Bank’s staff, with over 520 employees signing up and completing their first courses.

The partnership with ictQATAR allows the Bank to efficiently deliver a range of training courses to its employees. QNB offers around 4000 specific courses to its staff and the Bank has registered  1761 employees who have completed  5359 training course, with more than 8287 hours of training provided to them and more than 14,028 visits to the online training platform.

QNB has initiated the awards to encourage more staff members to sign up for such courses which help fulfill their personal and professional ambitions of furthering their skills and demonstrating the high levels of performance that Bank is known for.

QNB also aims at becoming a role model in driving in e-learning, and truly creating an e-learning culture at every level in its network.

In the future, QNB expects the number of training hours and the number of completed training sessions to increase as the Bank grows further beyond Qatar's borders to take on a truly multinational role in strategic global financial markets. QNB is currently present in more than 24 countries through branches, subsidiaries, and affiliates.

QNB is also planning to offer training solutions to branch staff, inside and outside Qatar, in 2012 to achieve even greater levels of interest through the continuing partnership with ictQATAR.

QNB considers nurturing human capital a fundamental aspect of its drive to meet the growing requirements of the Group which is one of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East and North Africa region.

QNB as the “employer of choice” in Qatar, is attracting the highest ratio and quality of national candidates which have helped QNB record the highest nationalization rates among financial institutions in the country.



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