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Doha, 26 August 2010 - QNB Al Islami, in partnership with the Ministry of Awqaf, has launched an innovative payment system “Themar” to help people in Qatar complete Zakat and Awqaf payments using any QNB ATM in Qatar.
The service is available to all members of the public and will allow them to complete payments for Zakat services ranging from monthly Zakat payments, payments to the Zakat Fund, student scholarships, the sponsorship of orphans, penance (Kafarat), medical treatment aid and other charitable donations.
Awqaf services available via eazyATM include payments to support education & cultural development, Islamic studies & publications, Mosque care, the Dialysis Unit, as well as the development of scientific, cultural, health, family and child care projects.
The “Themar” service will benefit both QNB and non-QNB customers, providing them with the ability to complete payments via Qatar’s largest ATM network, comprising over 160 terminals across the country.
Customers can utilise credit or debit cards from any issuing bank to complete their Zakat or Awqaf payments.
This is an extension of the “Themar” e-payment system launched in February 2010 by QNB Al Islami and the Ministry of Awqaf, which initially provided fixed-value payment cards to beneficiaries of the Ministry’s Sandoq Al-Zakat program.
The initiative is part of the Ministry of Awqaf’s continuing efforts to provide the citizens and residents of Qatar with enhanced access to its services by utilising modern technology.
In addition to the country’s largest ATM network, using the innovative financial services framework provided by QNB Al Islami, the Ministry will be able to provide seamless payment solutions to people across the country.
The use of these electronic systems also allows the Ministry to reduce the back-office work required to support the program, enabling efficiency and electronic accuracy across the transaction cycle.
QNB Al Islami was one of the first Islamic financial institutions in Qatar to offer electronic banking services to its retail and corporate customers and continues to be a leader in the field, with numerous products and services available to customers via the bank’s comprehensive electronic banking platform eazylife.
The eazylife suite of services helps customers manage their finances at home, at work or while they are on the move and include eazyATM, eazySMS, eazymobile, eazyphone, eazyinternet, eazycheque and eazystatement.

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