Hayat Program

We believe in you 

With the aim of supporting women on both personal and business levels, QNB tailored the "Hayat" program for you, offering a one-stop shop in which we gather all banking needs in one place for you.
 By joining "Hayat" program, you will have access to a bundle of banking products and non-financial services that will help you manage your finances as well as run your business effectively. You will also receive free interpersonal/entrepreneurial skills development courses that will help you build, develop, and improve the essential skills needed to improve your life and excel in today's dynamic business activities.


Laky Package:

Enjoy a bundle of banking products designed to suit your different banking needs Free for the first 3 months, including:

•    Annual Super savings & Daily savings accounts:

Provide you with competitive interest rates on your savings with easy access to your money at any time

•     Supplementary Credit Card:

You can issue a discounted card to your loved ones with freedom to control the credit limit 

Apply for Supplementary Credit Card via Internet Banking: 

•    Internet Card:

Love online shopping? Buy whatever you want securely over the internet using QNB internet card and receive a 25% discount on our internet card issuance fee

Safe Boxes:

Do you have a lot of valuable belongings that can easily be misplaced? Enjoy your special discount on our Safe Boxes where you can place your valued and cherished belongings without worry.

Maternity Break Option:

Whilst on your maternity break to give your little one(s) all the attention s/he deserves, you can postpone your cash loan installments for up to 3 months.

Free Insurance coverage against breast cancer:

for primary women credit cardholders to receive a lumpsum amount paid once upon submitting the list of required documents.


Life Insurance Programs:

covering personal and family needs in coordination with QNB Life Insurance.

Mother Donation Accounts:

Mothers can open for their children (saving accounts for minors – Time deposits –  certificate of deposits).

Technical and non-technical training for women:

Tailored training aiming to increase their financial awareness and support their personal financial needs efficiently.

Electronic Banking Services:

Enjoy a safe banking experience from the comfort of your home or anywhere else through our wide range of:

-    Internet Banking Service
-    Mobile Banking Service
-    Phone Banking Service
-    Dealing with the bank remotely through e-mail
-    E-Wallet Service

Download QNB E-Wallet on your mobile from:

•    App store

•    Google Play

For Hayat Program – SME’s: 


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