Biometric Eyes Scan on ATM

How about Card-less PIN-less access to all your accounts?

Need quick access to cash from an ATM or on Mobile Banking, but forgot your card at home? No problem. Introducing a highly secure and innovative authentification process.

Experience QNB’s biometric Eyes-scan authentification. A new convenient way of proving your identity at any QNB ATM.

Eligibility and Availability

  • QNB Customers only
  • Have a valid and active Qatar Identification (QID) card with chip
  • Apply and register for the first time at any QNB Branch
  • Biometric Eyes-scan equipped at the below QNB ATMs:
    • City Center Mall Branch
    • Villaggio Mall Branch
    • The Mall Branch
    • Lagoona Mall Branch
    • Land Mark Mall Branch
    • Mall of Qatar Branch
    • Doha Festival City Mall Branch
    • QNB Head Office
    • QNB Al Mathaf Office
    • Bin Omran Branch
    • Al Rayyan Branch
    • Salwa Road Ain Khalid Branch
    • Al Wakra Branch
    • Umm Al Doom Branch
    • Al Khartiyat Branch
    • Al Sadd Sport Club Branch
    • Dukhan Branch
For Terms and conditions please click here or call 44407777 for any inquiries.
Go to ATM locator for more information of the machine location by filtering the option for “Eye Scan”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use?
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to access the card-less menu on Touch Screen Enabled ATMs. Simply press the “Enter” key on other ATMs
  • Select IRIS Eye scan
  • Perform Eye scan via the eye scanner on the ATM
  • Select your cards to access the respective card menu (debit or credit)
  • Perform your ATM transaction in the same way you use your card
How do I register for the biometric Eye scan service?
This service can be registered at any branch. You just need to bring along your QID (with the chip)
Why am I getting an unsuccessful eyes scan?
There are a couple possible reasons for an unsuccessful eye scan:
  1. You did not scan your eyes correctly.
  2. You did not register for the service.
  3. Either your QID is not Chip Enabled, does not have valid biometric information, or the biometric function on it is not activated. Please go to the Immigration Department to obtain a Chip Enabled QID or update your existing QID with biometric information.
Is there a fee for this service?
No. The service is free for all QNB customers.

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