Credit Cards

Your solution to all your financial business needs.

The QNB SME Business credit card provides you with the flexibility to manage your cash flow and secures easy access to your business funds .The convenience it provides can effectively help build your business.
Use your QNB SME Business credit card rather than cash and cheques to pay for your everyday business expenses such as government payments, general office maintenance and repairs, stationary, utilities, online purchases and business travel expenses.


  • QNB Customer with a corporate account
  • Business must be in operation for over 6 months

How to use or apply

Visit your QNB Relationship Manager and provide the following:
  • Company Profile
  •  Copy of recent and valid commercial registration
  • ID/CR copies of partners/owners and authorized signatories (If borrower is owned by another company the CR of that company)
  •  ID of the cardholder

Benefits & Features

  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Easy access to a revolving Line of Credit to meet company working capital and cash flow
  • No annual fee in the first year and beyond*
  • Chance to open an account with QR5000 instead of QR30,000

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