Visa and Mastercard® Platinum

Get the best out of life.

Discover a world of privileges with QNB Visa and Mastercard® Platinum cards and benefit from exclusive offers that save you money and enhance your life experience.

As a QNB Mastercard® or Visa Platinum cardholder, you are automatically entitled to hundreds of complimentary offers across the Middle East & Africa. Benefit from amazing discounts at F&B outlets, hotels, spas and much more. 


QNB customers under the following segments:

Customer Segment 

Eligibility Criteria

Dedicated Credit Cards


Monthly salary up to
QR 15,000

  • QNB Life Rewards
    Mastercard® Platinum

  • QNB Life Rewards Visa

  • QNB Nojoom co-branded
    Visa Platinum

  • QNB Qatar Airways cobranded
    Mastercard®  Platinum


Monthly salary between
QR 15,000 – QR 35,000


Minimum monthly salary of
QR 35,000 or average daily
balance of QR 350,000 and above
(or equivalent in other currencies)

  • QNB Life Rewards Mastercard®  

  • QNB Life Rewards Visa

  • QNB Qatar Airways cobranded
    Mastercard®  World


At QNB, we believe that honesty and transparency are key to maintaining a lasting relationship with our customers, As such, we recommend that you regularly review our published tariffs and terms and conditions, copies of which are available here or from any QNB branch.

Fees and Commissions

Benefits & Features

  • Free for life: enjoy an annual fee waiver for life
  • Interest-free credit period of up to 45 days for all your purchases
  • Minimum payment of 3% of the outstanding balance or QR 100, whichever is greater
  • Multiple credit card bill repayment options through QNB Internet and Mobile Banking, ATMs, self-service machines and Life Rewards points
  • SMS notification for every transaction made
  • 3D secure service offers added security to your credit card when shopping online
  • Mastercard Platinum benefits
  • Visa Platinum benefits

Life Rewards Points

QNB Life Rewards is a total relationship loyalty program which rewards you with points on all your transactions. It’s an easy-to-understand and simple-to-use process to earn and redeem points.
  • Newly issued QNB Platinum Mastercard® credit card welcome points of up to 2,000 Life Rewards points awarded upon first purchase and valid only once per customer
  • Domestic and international QNB Platinum Mastercard® credit card purchases reward you with 1 point for every QR 6/QR 8 spent respectively
For government sector transactions QNB Life Rewards credit card holders are rewarded with 1 point for every QR15.

Qatar Airways co-branded

Earn while you spend


This card allows you to earn Qmiles with Privilege Club, the Qatar Airways Frequent Flyer Program. The more you spend, the more Qmiles you earn which can be exchanged for complimentary flights.

The QNB Qatar Airways co-branded Mastercard® Platinum credit card’s international and domestic purchases reward 1 Qmile for every QR9 spent by Select (Retail Plus) customers segment and QR12 spent by Essential (Retail) customers segment.

For government sector transactions QNB Qatar Airways co-branded credit cards are rewarded with 1 Qmile for every QR15.

Nojoom co-branded

This card allows you to earn Nojoom points. The more you spend, the more Nojoom points you earn. Co-branded QNB Nojoom Visa Platinum credit card purchases domestically and internationally reward you as follows:

ESSENTIAL (Retail) Visa Platinum Credit Card:

  • Welcome bonus of 10,000 Nojoom points after your first credit card transaction
  • 1 Nojoom for every QR 20 spent
  • 1 Nojoom for every QR15 spent on government sector
  • Monthly bonus of 3,000 Nojoom points for 5,000 QAR monthly spend

SELECT (Retail Plus) Visa Platinum credit card:

  • Welcome bonus of 10,000 Nojoom points after your first credit card transaction
  • 1 Nojoom for every QR 10 spent
  • 1 Nojoom for every QR15 spent on government sector
  • Monthly bonus of 7,000 Nojoom points for 10,000 QAR monthly spend

Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout is an online payment tool that allows you to store all your QNB Visa credit cards and shop at any participating merchant in a very easy and convenient way.
Enroll in the Visa Checkout by clicking on the below button, select a username and password and then add your QNB Visa Credit Card details.
At the checkout page, you just need to select the Visa Checkout payment method, input your username and password and select which card you want to use for this transaction. The payment will be processed just like a regular card transaction.
With the Visa Checkout service you don’t have to re-enter your card details and address every time you make a purchase!
Furthermore, yon can access your Visa Checkout payment option through any web-enabled mobile device or from any PC.

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