While You Are Away

Travel the Globe in Total Comfort and Safety

Travelling the world, whether for business or pleasure, is always fun, but never free from unexpected hassles. To ensure your experience is a smooth and safe one, a number of credit card services are in place to remind you that you’re are never alone on your journeys.


  • Safe and Secure: Book all your holiday needs including flights and accommodation using your QNB Cards to benefit from free travel insurance and top payment security!

  • Style and Comfort: You can have free access to hundreds of airport lounges globally. Relax in style before flying!

  • Rewarding: Every transaction done on QNB card rewards you back. Additionally, QNB always have very exciting prizes to be won

  • Hassle Free: QNB Cards are accepted globally at millions of merchants. You do not need to carry large amount of cash.

  • Easier Repayments: You can install your payments or even defer your re-payments, all just through a few clicks from the comfort of your home.

Last but not least, always pay with the currency of the country you are in to get the best exchange rates and to be part of QNB campaigns. Remember: Qatari Riyals only when you are in Qatar

Travel Insurance

  1. QIC Travel Insurance

Purchase your travel tickets with your QNB Credit Card and you and your family (spouse and children) will benefit from a comprehensive Travel insurance, covering personal accidents, medical expenses, travel inconvenience (trip delay, trip cancellation, lost or damaged baggage).

  1. MasterCard Credit Cards Insurance Benefits

For the benefits schedule of the QNB MasterCard Platinum credit card, click the below links:

For the benefits schedule of the Mastercard World and Mastercard World Elite credit cards,click the below links:

  1. Visa Credit Cards Insurance Benefits

For the Purchase Protection insurance benefits of the Visa Platinum and Visa Infinite credit cards, click the below link:

For the Travel insurance benefits of the Visa Infinite credit card, click the below link:

Airport Services

QNB Mastercard Debit and Credit Cards


Mastercard Platinum benefits

Mastercard World benefits

Mastercard World Elite benefits


QNB Visa Credit Cards


Visa Platinum benefits

Visa Infinite benefits

VAT Refund Augmentation

QNB cardholders making eligible purchases on their Visa Platinum and Visa Infinite credit cards in EU and the UK will be able to claim up to an additional 5% of their VAT refund amount through UTU Plus.


Cardholders are required to download the UTU Plus app. and register using their QNB Visa Platinum or Infinite credit cards. Visit www.utu.global for more information.