QNB Signs Cooperation Protocol with Galala University to Support AI Technology

Posted on : Sun, 09 June 2024

GU has signed a cooperation protocol with QNB, a subsidiary of QNB Group, the largest financial institution in the Middle East and Africa, to finance the establishment of a computer lab based on artificial intelligence technology. This initiative aligns with GU’s contribution in social responsibility and the achievement of sustainable development goals.

The protocol was signed by Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi, President of Galala University, and Mr. Mohamed Bedeir, Chief Executive Officer of QNB, in the presence of several representatives from both the bank and the university.

Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi welcomed this collaboration, reflecting the university's vision of promoting social responsibility and fostering positive roles, thereby achieving the goals of both parties through cooperation and shared social responsibility. This effort aligns with the state’s directives to achieve growth on both social and economic levels, in line with Egypt's Vision 2030. He noted that this protocol is part of a series of cooperation agreements between Galala University and civil society organizations, the private sector, and banks, aimed at ensuring a conducive environment for a world-class educational setting that helps produce a new generation of graduates ready to meet the demands of the job market, both locally and internationally.

Dr. El-Shinawi added that the university also aims to provide diverse opportunities for students in education and vocational and technical training, enabling them to gain practical experience and skills in the workplace during their studies. This initiative allows students to familiarize themselves with the actual work environment and integrate into its details from the first day of enrollment, thereby developing and building their capacities, improving their performance and competitiveness, and providing them with the best opportunities to align with the job market’s needs and priorities. 
Furthermore, Mr. Mohamed Bedeir emphasized the importance of this collaboration to support education, which is one of the bank's priorities, along with enhancing the utilization of artificial intelligence to provide inclusive educational opportunities. This initiative aims to develop and build the capabilities of young people, producing highly qualified graduates who meet the demands of the job market.
Mr. Bedeir pointed out that QNB is keen to engage in more cooperation protocols that support the education system in Egypt and that fully support students in their scientific journey thar creates access to appropriate vocational opportunities.