Other banking services

Payroll management

With Pay Express program you can manage your company's payroll service accurately, easily and enjoying many benefits as special team to manage your company's salaries. in addition, we offer the payroll package to the company employees to enjoy various benefits of the banking services and products at the lowest cost


Look for mVisa acceptance sign and enjoy the convenience of paying with your smart phone anywhere and anytime. No need to get your cash out to pay. Just scan the QR code displayed at the merchant with your mVisa application and the money will be transferred from your debit card linked to your mVisa app to the merchant account

Point of sale (POS)

The bank has contracted with the largest international card issuers (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners) to provide our customers with reliable, secure and reliable sales services. This will increase customer satisfaction and provide added value to merchants to open new sales channels as well as various advantages to customers through our competitive offers

Financial advisory

Through a specialized team we offer banking financial advices and recommendations to support clients and help them in preparing requested studies for their projects

Trade Finance advisory

Through a specialized team we offer information to exporters and importers about various external markets and in coordination with our correspondents around the world

Personal investment advisory

As businessmen lead very busy lives, we provide them with comprehensive financial advice throughout the many phases of their personal financial plans. Focusing on overall financial health and risk reduction, through recommendations for short and long term investment to insure portfolio diversification

Other services

Arranging & managing syndicated facilities to finance large size structured finance facilities

Financial advisory service to arrange for project finance transactions or large debits

Agency services for syndicated facilities (Facility, Security & Escrow Agency)

Custody service



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