Hayat Program

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With the aim of supporting women on both personal and business levels, QNB tailored the "Hayat" program for you, offering a one-stop shop in which we gather all banking needs in one place for you.
 By joining "Hayat" program, you will have access to a bundle of banking products and non-financial services that will help you manage your finances as well as run your business effectively. You will also receive free interpersonal/entrepreneurial skills development courses that will help you build, develop, and improve the essential skills needed to improve your life and excel in today's dynamic business activities.

Nilepreneur Initiative:

Small businesses need more than just finance. Training, mentoring, networking, and other non-financial services can give entrepreneurs a vital chance. Through the Nilepreneur Initiative Entrepreneurs & Innovators are provided with a comprehensive and professional non-financial service to support growth and enable expansion through transforming young innovative ideas into actionable projects. It also assists in selecting the project that suit their capabilities beside the financial awareness.

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Business Package:

Enjoy a bundle of banking products and services designed to meet your various business needs Free for the first 3 months, including:

•    Current Account: You can perform and track your banking transactions easier
•    Visa Business Debit card: It is one of the most important means of payment, cash withdrawal and purchases around the world 24/7
•    Corporate Internet Banking: Allows you to manage your company’s bank accounts, transfers and transactions in real-time, anytime & anywhere
•    CPS service: To settle your company’s governmental dues such as taxes, customs, social insurance and one window electronically from anywhere 24/7
•    ACH corpay: An automatic tool to manage your company’s bulk transactions flow in EGP currency either within QNB or to other local banks through a secured and efficient network
•    E-mail notification service: Receive an instant e-mail notification once your transactions of Outgoing/ Incoming transfer, LCs/LGs/DCs are performed


Credit cards:

You can get a Free credit card that provides you with a line of credit that can be used to purchase anything you may need for your business, from supplies to small equipment and enjoy 55 days interest free grace period
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Credit facilities:

QNB offers a variety of financing solutions to help develop your business in the form of a working capital and Medium-Term loan with an easy and fast process

Apply now: http://https://mbs.qnbalahli.com/OnBoarding/smeRequest.xhtml

Payment Acceptance:

Now you can accept payments electronically from your clients with their banking cards either through our POS terminals supported by the Contactless technology, QR code payment acceptance (PaynGo) or e-commerce payment gateway
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https: https://www.qnbalahli.com/sites/qnb/qnbegypt/page/en/enpaymentsacceptances.html

Technical and non-technical training for women

Providing specialized training programs in various fields that aim to develop technical and business skills in order to help you manage your business efficiently.

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