Internet Banking

QNB Internet Banking offers you the most comprehensive online banking experience in the region.Customers must register their device(s) to QNB Mobile Banking before using QNB Internet Banking. Customers who have not registered their device(s) to QNB Mobile Banking will not be able to register/login to QNB Internet Banking.

  • Portfolio summary

  • Account statement

  • Account summary

  • Account delegation

  • Chequebook requests

  • View transaction history for up to 6 previous months for all accounts

  • Transfers within your accounts

  • Transfer to QNB accounts

  • Transfers to other bank accounts

  • Transfer history

  • Inquiries & feedback

  • Message Center (Inbox & Outbox)

  • Option to change security hint question

  • Option to change password

  • Option to change your profile picture

  • View IBAN for all accounts


Terms and conditions apply.


Customers who encounter issues or have further inquiries can contact us toll free on 0800945944 (in France) or (+33) 1 8564 6800 (outside France) .

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