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EM Asia is set for a gradual economic recovery

The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak spread rapidly around the world. Governments have responded with containment and mitigation policies, including testing,...

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China is set to perform a gradual economic recovery

China is often referred to as a massive growth engine. In fact, from the Great Financial Crisis of 2008-09 to...

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Bank of Japan buckles up for more stimulus action

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) continues to be at the forefront of radical monetary policy experimentation. In the aftermath of...

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COVID-19 will lead to a sharp rise in the level of government debt

In recent weeks we have covered the pull back of capital flows from emerging markets (EM) and the IMF’s capacity...

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Are ASEAN economies ready to handle the current global shock?

With the level of uncertainty surrounding the global spread of Covid-19 receding somewhat in recent weeks, emerging markets (EM) have...

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