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What are commodity prices telling us about the global economy?

The fallout from the global spread of Covid-19 produced tremendous stress in commodity markets. The negative demand shock from the...

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The Euro area economy is expected to outperform during H2 2020

The Euro area is now on track to outperform the US during H2 2020. The virus has been well controlled...

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High and rising global debt a challenge for policymakers

The fallout from the global spread of Covid-19 has already produced cascading sudden economic stops that disrupted markets in record...

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The USD as a safe-haven and other factors supporting currency strength

The global spread of Covid-19 has produced a wild ride in financial markets since the beginning of 2020, with risk...

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A top-down macro view suggests caution on US equity bullishness

After the Covid-19 spread shocked investors into the fastest US equity sell-off ever recorded, the stabilization of the pandemic and...

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