Strategy Reports

QNBFS Qatar Monthly Banking Sector Update - January 2023
QNBFS Qatar Equity Strategy Alert - Qatar Emerges as a Top Global Logistics Hub; Highlighting Attractive Equity Plays Delivering Growth
QNBFS Qatar Monthly Banking Sector Update - November 2022
QNBFS Qatar Monthly Banking Sector Update - October 2022
3Q2022 Earnings Preview: All Eyes On The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022-09-10-2022
QNBFS Qatar Monthly Banking Sector Update - August 2022
QNBFS Qatar Equity Strategy Alert - Kick Off! Upcoming FIFA World Cup Could be a Positive Catalyst for Qatari Equities in 2022 and 2023-06-09-2022
2Q2022 Earnings Preview - Healthy 2Q2022 Earnings Overshadowed by Global Crisis-06-07-2022
QNBFS Qatar Monthly Banking Sector Update - April 2022
QNBFS Qatar Monthly Banking Sector Update - March 2022
QNBFS Qatar Equity Strategy Alert - Safe-Haven Status Adds to Strong Fundamentals to Attract Foreign Institutional Investors in 2022-14-04-2022
1Q2022 Earnings Preview - Safe-Haven Status 100 %-FOL Story & Strong Oil & Gas Prices Propels Rally-13-04-2022
4Q2021 Earnings Preview - YoY Earnings to Grow; 2022 Outlook Remains Encouraging-10-01-2022.pdf
3Q2021 Earnings Preview - Robust Earnings Growth Trajectory as Pandemic Effects Subside-10-10-2021
2Q2021 Earnings Preview-Rising Commodity Prices Along with 2Q2020’s Low Base to Drive the EPS Growth-11-07-2021
1Q2021 Earnings Preview - Rising Commodity Prices Along with Lifting of the Blockade to Drive Near-Term Performance-11-04-2021
QNBFS Monthly Banking Sector Update-February 2021-24-03-2021
4Q2020 Earnings Preview-Lifting of Blockade Along with Further Easing of COVID-19 Restrictions to Drive Near-Term Performance-01-12-2021
QNBFS Strategy Alert - Ending of the Blockade Should be Supportive for Qatari Equities-06-01-2021
3Q2020 Earnings: Partial Lifting of COVID-19 Counter-Measures to Drive Sequential Earnings Growth-11-10-2020
2Q2020 Earnings Preview - COVID-19 to Weigh on 2Q Earnings; Qatar Remains Resilient Relative to the GCC-12-07-2020
1Q2020 Earnings Preview - Coronavirus Impact Generally Limited in 1Q2020-12-04-2020
QNBFS Strategy 2020 - Government Support and Robust Fundamentals Should Help Soften Weakness in Qatari Stocks-22-03-2020
4Q2019 Earnings-Attractive Dividends to Drive Near-Term Rally-13-01-2020
QNBFS Qatar 2020 Equity Strategy-03-11-2019
3Q2019 Earnings-Non-Banks’ Earnings Growth to Speed Up While Banks’ Growth to Remain Healthy-09-10-2019
2Q2019 Earnings Preview - Modest Growth Trajectory Continues-09-07-2019
1Q2019 Earnings Preview-Modest Growth, Barring Some Exceptions-07-04-2019
QNBFS Qatar 2019 Equity Strategy Report-10-02-2019
4Q2018 Earnings Preview-Robust Earnings Growth Promises Strong Dividends-09-01-2019

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