Home Renovation Loan

Reshape Your Home

Your need for cash is increasing each day. Therefore, QNB ALAHLI offers the financial solutions to meet these growing and diverse financial needs through a cash loan that is specifically designed to finance refurbishing your home, to turn it into the place you always dreamed of.

Renovate, furnish or paint your home with ease through QNB ALAHLI home renovation loan.


  •  Financing the cost of your home refurbishment and furniture
  •  Enjoy competitive interest rate
  •  Free life insurance coverage throughout the loan duration
  •  Fixed monthly installments all over the loan duration
  •  Automatic deduction of the installments either from your current or checking account


  •  Available for QNB ALAHLI payroll clients, self-employed and employed clients (with or without salary transfer)
  •  Loan amount could reach EGP250,000 for employed and self-employed clients and with no maximum for QNB ALAHLI payroll clients
  •  Loan duration up to 84 months
  •  Minimum age is 21 and the maximum age is 60 or 65 years at loan maturity according to pension age

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