Youth Offer YO!

Start Your Banking Life

Whether you are saving to buy a new smart phone, planning to travel with your friends or you simply want to feel independent through your own bank account, now you can do all that through youth offer YO!.

Shopping lovers

If you are a shopping lover, whether from shops, malls or online, YO! offers you the Debit card to cover all your needs:

  •  You don’t have to carry money in your pocket as long as you have your Debit card
  •  Now you can shop freely inside Egypt
  •  Also, you can shop online safely and securely using the same card
  •  You can use the card for cash withdrawals from any Visa accepting ATM inside Egypt
  •  Monitor your expenses by receiving SMS on your mobile phone after each purchases transaction or cash withdrawal to know your exact balance
  •  Don’t worry, even if you lost your card, call 19700 to stop the card and by that, you wouldn’t have lost your money

Keep track of your accounts, wherever you are

If you want to monitor your banking transactions without going to the bank

  •  Manage your accounts and perform various banking transactions in total confidentiality and high security through the Internet Banking Service
  •  You can also monitor your savings grow through Email@bank service, which allows you to receive your account statement on weekly basis on your email
  • Minor Savings Account, the more you save the higher interest you gain
  •  Your savings grow with time, through enjoying competitive interest rate
  •  Interest is added on Quarterly basis to your account to increase your savings


  •  The youth between 16 to 21 years

Apply now

Terms and conditions apply

To apply, e-mail us on and a bank representative will contact you shortly

For more information, please call 19700 or visit nearest branch

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