QNB Completes 1st 2015 Induction Program for New Employees

Posted on : Thu, 12 Feb 2015

Doha, 12 February 2015 –QNB, “One of the World’s Strongest Banks”, has recently welcomed a batch of new employees within the group by holding a graduation ceremony for participants of the Induction Program that concluded on 29 January 2015.

QNB holds a regular Group Induction Program for new employees in order to improve staff capabilities and help them adapt and integrate faster into the group’s international network.

The latest such program lasted from 14 December 2014 to 29 January 2015 and comprised 11 modules. The successful graduates of this program will join QNB in a range of roles, from Tellers & Customer Service Agents in Retail banking, through to roles within the Group Operations function.

QNB will continue its long-standing approach of holding regular induction programs for all new employees, to develop their skills and help identify their capabilities, so that they can excel and realize their full potential.

QNB currently operates in more than 26 Countries and across 3 continents. It has approximately 14,500 employees in 615 office locations and has won numerous awards and accolades, signifying the excellence of its banking services offered to its customers across its network of operations.