QNB Donates 1000 School Bags to Qatar Charity

Posted on : Wed, 16 Jan 2008

Doha, 16 January 2008 - Qatar Charity announced that Qatar National Bank (QNB) has donated 1,000 school bags to Qatar Charity for school children.

Qatar Charity, in turn, distributed these school bags containing stationery items to children to be used during

Qatar Charity expressed its gratitude to QNB for its continuous support which has led to the growth of the organization. It has also lead to the encouragement of social harmony in the Qatari Society. It has also helped in serving Qatari students from families that have benefited from Qatar Charity and QNB by providing them with the necessary support easing the burden on the shoulder of their parents.

Educational programs rank high among the activities of Qatar Charity since acquiring knowledge, according to Islam, is a duty for every Muslim. As a result Qatar Charity sponsors needy students so that they can complete their education. Close to a 1000 students benefit from Qatar Charity’s programs and each student receives Q.R. 150 monthly.

The bank has provided generous assistance to a variety of local organizations that play an important role in elevating the physical, social and emotional well-being of individuals that face unique challenges, such as the Al Noor Institute, the Qatar Cancer Society, the Qatar Society for Orphans, the Qatar Society for Special Needs.

QNB also lays high emphasis on education. In its generous support of education in the country, the bank donated a new fund to The Learning Center School (TLC) in Qatar to support its scholarship program and devoted to instructional, diagnostic and therapeutic services for students with academic challenges.

Qatar Charity (Q.C) is a non-government organization which was established in 1980 by a group of Qatari trustworthy notables in order to develop the Qatari society and other needy societies. One of its leading objectives is to establish social justice amongst the neediest groups in partnership with leading organizations in Qatar

Community is one QNB’s cornerstones values that drive its corporate social responsibility program. Many non profit organizations have benefited from QNB’s CSR activities. QNB has extended its support to a wide range of charitable activities within Qatar and outside its borders as well.