Posted on : Sun, 18 July 2010

Shop at USA and UK online stores and have purchases delivered to your door in Qatar. The service provides a delivery address in the USA and UK, with fast transshipment to your address in Qatar.

Doha, 18 July 2010 - Qatar National Bank (QNB) announced today that all QNB Customers who have registered for eazylife services will receive free account registration for a Shop&Ship account from Aramex, as well as a discount rate of 10%-30% until October 10th 2010.

Customers shipping contents weighing 10kg and above will receive a 30% discount on Shop&Ship Shipment Charges during the campaign period, while consignments weighing less than 10kg will be subject to a 10% discount.

The Shop&Ship service allows customers to shop online from US and UK websites, by providing them a personalized mailing address in both countries. When ordering they simply use these addresses as their delivery address on checkout. Aramex will then automatically forward these orders direct to their Doha office for collection within days, notifying customers of their arrival by SMS.

You no longer have to worry about your favorite international website not delivering to your country or charging high rates for shipping. Shop&Ship can be used for internet orders, gifts, magazine subscriptions and personal mail among other things.

To qualify for this account, customers must be registered for QNB’s eazyinternet, and eazySMS services and have QNB SMS alerts enabled on their mobile phones. Customers signing in to their eazyinternet accounts will receive an activation code via SMS to register their complimentary Shop&Ship account.

Customers who do not already have an Aramex Shop&Ship account enjoy a saving of USD35 for a lifetime membership to the service if they apply before 10 August 2010 using the promotion code sent in the eazyinternet SMS login alert. This includes 2 free-for-life Personal Accounts: one US-based and one UK-based account.

This offer has been launched by QNB in conjunction with Aramex to help QNB customers save time, effort and money while shopping online or accepting legal or financial documents that can only be delivered in the UK or the USA.

Registered customers using QNB Debit or Credit Cards to pay shipping charges will receive the discount automatically when they pay and collect their items from the Aramex office located near Decoration R\A.