QNB to Provide Employment Opportunities to People with Special Needs

Posted on : Sun, 19 July 2009

Doha, 19 July 2009 - Qatar National Bank (QNB) in its continuing efforts to participate and contribute effectively in supporting the community, announced that it will be providing employment opportunities in various areas of the Bank's operations for people with special needs.

This is part of QNB's Corporate Social Responsibility and commitment to playing an active role in the development of Qatari society by providing the best support it can provide.

QNB will employ people with special needs with the support and guidance of the Qatar Society for the Rehabilitation of People with Special Needs. QNB aims to help these individuals secure rewarding careers and integrate them better into society.

The Qatar Society for the Rehabilitation of People with Special Needs strives to offer employment opportunities to people with several types of physical disabilities, with the aim of enhancing their lives by helping them achieve personal satisfaction from their work and know that the can rely on a stable source of income.

QNB provides people with disabilities many such opportunities, commensurate with their personal potential and abilities, as well as gives them preparatory training to take on these responsibilities. QNB believes that people with special needs are an integral part of the nation's social makeup and deserve equal employment opportunities to fulfill their potential and to perform alongside all other employees.

This initiative by QNB is the first of its kind in Qatar to actively offer people with disabilities opportunities to participate in a challenging field such as Banking. In addition to creating suitable opportunities for qualified individuals, the Bank aims to provide them with viable career plans for the optimal utilization of their inherent human potential, allowing them to challenge the limits of their disabilities.

The Qatar Society for the Rehabilitation of People with Special Needs commended QNB's role in supporting this initiative. It also stressed the importance of continuing the recruitment of people with disabilities in various sectors, commensurate with their qualifications, and of creating further opportunities for as many people with disabilities as possible, thereby contributing to helping them find normalcy in their lives, on par with all their peers.

A number of QNB officials had earlier visited the Society to discuss the potential of these candidates, both in terms of skills and qualifications, in addition to reviewing specific areas in which the Bank can support and advance the employment of people with varying forms of disabilities.