QNB to support Enabling special needs through small projects program

Posted on : Wed, 21 Dec 2011

As part of its strategy to strengthen the role of people with special needs and integrate them into various social sectors, QNB continues to support such initiatives, including the “enabling special needs through small projects” program, which was launched by the Department of Elderly People and People with Special Needs in the Ministry of social Affairs.

The Bank’s support to this program comes in line with the goals set by the Ministry to spread the concept of comprehensive awareness of people with special needs and introduce them as a productive and creative category in the society, provided that they have the right platform.

The Program aims at focusing on small projects that provide opportunities to this special category in order to help them be independent, develop their productive skills, improve their standard of living, and create a new income source.

The program also targets people of low income who wish to work in such projects on the long run and who have the ability to manage them.

QNB’s initiative to support this program is the first of its kind as it is the first Bank to contribute to the encouragement of this category of people to be involved in projects. The Bank has also worked with the Ministry of Social Affairs on providing guidance and future plans to channel their potential towards the advancement of their business despite their disabilities.

QNB plays a key role in developing the community members, especially people with disabilities to help them grow their potential and make the most of it. Therefore, the Bank introduced "Braille" application forms designed for the blind and visually impaired customers to enable them to read the terms and conditions and know the requirements that must be provided upon the submission of the application.

The Bank has also provided a number of jobs to people with special needs that suit their capabilities and offered them training to help them better perform the duties of their positions. QNB believes that this category is an integral part of the community and the national workforce and that it has the potential to efficiently take on its responsibilities.