Posted on : Sun, 06 Dec 2009

Doha, 06 December 2009 - QNB signed an agreement with Qatar Sports Club (QSC) to become the exclusive sponsor of all first team sports at the QSC. The agreement is for three years from the 2009-10 sports season until 2011-12.

The agreement was signed between QSC Chairman His Excellency Sheikh Hamad bin Suhaim Al-Thani, and QNB Group Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ali Shareef Al-Emadi.

H.E. Sheikh Hamad was delighted at the confirmation of QNB’s support and praised the Bank's role in contributing to the development of sports in the state of Qatar.

QNB’s support of sport in Qatar includes both local and international sporting events. The Bank’s efforts are focussed on driving interest, awareness and participation in traditional sports as well as promoting the major popular sports of the country.

H.E. Sheikh Hamad said that this support will help the club reach out to more segments of the community and contribute to the development and growth of various sports in Qatar, especially those that the Qatar Sports Club is directly engaged in.

Mr. Ali Shareef Al-Emadi, shares this view. He said this agreement is part of the Bank’s commitment to supporting the growth and development of sport in Qatar and that QNB will continue to support and promote sport to help reinforce Qatar’s sporting ambitions, locally as well as internationally.

In parallel to sponsoring sport, QNB also participates in other segments of the community, including education, health, philanthropy and many other causes. The Bank believes in the importance of constructive participation in community activities to complement its support, as is the case with sport where active participation in development initiatives is a very important factor.

The Qatar Sports Club is one of the most highlighted clubs in the country and is considered one of the nation’s top football teams, having consistently finished at the competitive top of the league table in recent seasons. The Club also fields top teams in the national handball, volleyball, basketball leagues.

QNB sponsorship of the QSC reflects the club's pedigree in all these sports in addition to the club’s ability to finish each season in competitive positions, especially in football.

Mr. Al Emadi thanked H.E. Sheikh Hamad for his leadership of the club and commended the club’s quest to continue developing its facilities and was confident that this will firmly establish the club as the foremost national club side in domestic competitions this season.