Al-Dhameen Loans

Have a startup or an SME in mind? Let us give you a push.

If you’re struggling to obtain funds to finance or grow your business project, QNB can help.

Al-Dhameen is a QDB initiative with partner banks. Through the initiative, QNB offers financing to startups and SMEs that are unable to secure necessary financing guarantees or collaterals.


  • QNB customer + corporate account

Benefits & Features

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Supports both short and long-term needs to establish/grow your business
  • Bank will require cash flow to be transferred to QNB

How to use or apply?

Visit your QNB Relationship Manager and provide the following:
  • Company profile
  • Copy of recent and valid commercial registration
  • Copy of valid license issued by the municipality
  • ID/CR copies of partners/owners and authorized signatories ( If borrower is sponsored by another company, the CR of that company)
  • Full audited reports of company's financials required
  • Valid quotation
  • Non-QNB account statements for the last 6 months (if any)
*Additional information related to the project details may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a QNB customer. Can I apply for the loan?
No. You have to be a QNB customer.
Do I have to comply with QNB and QDB regulations?
Yes. You will have to comply with both QDB and QNB regulations.
What if QDB does not approve my application?
If your application is rejected or scored below the acceptance level, then your business will not be eligible for the program.
I’ve received the acceptance from QDB, will QNB automatically approve my application?
No. It’s not a guaranteed approval. QNB will apply its own credit assessment for approval.
Will the Al-Dhameen program support my short term needs, like raw material purchases and salary payments, at the beginning stage of my business?
Depending on your sector, project plan and implementation period, QNB and QDB can decide to support your short-term needs as well.