ATM Banking

The largest ATM network awaits you, just take your pick.

No matter where you happen to be in Qatar, you are bound to run into a QNB ATM. Our state-of-the-art and user-friendly ATMs will provide you with all your banking needs.

Our ATMs are more than just a place to withdraw cash; customers can pay bills, deposit cash and cheques and more. Experience the future of ATM Banking and never look back.

Benefits you can look forward to:

  • Largest ATM network in Qatar
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as Eye Biometric Authentication (IRIS), ATM QR Code access, NFC Contactless Card features, Cheque Deposits & Clearing, Multi-Currency cash withdrawals, Card-less transactions and Aptra Activate User Interface
  • Connected with all networks such as Master Card, Visa, CUPS, NAPS, GCCnet, etc.

Terms and conditions

Features you can enjoy

Cash Withdrawals (Qatari Riyals & Other Currencies):
  • Withdrawals of up to QR50,000 per day for QNB account holders
  • Card-less withdrawals like QNB Mobile Cash and Ooredoo Mobile Wallet
  • Multicurrency Cash availability at the below ATMs:
    • Hamad International Airport Departure Terminal
    • City Centre
    • Emiri Terminals in Doha & Hamad International Airports

Go to ATM locator for more information of the machine location by filtering the option for “MultiCurrency”.

Cash Deposit
Available 24 hours at selected locations, you can instantly deposit cash to QNB accounts. Our ATM cash deposit service can support up to 50 notes.

Go to ATM locator for more information of the machine location by filtering the option for “Cash Deposit”.


Cardless Cash Deposit

Cardless Cash Deposit service is available now at QNB ATMs without using a card by selecting “Cardless” menu, “Deposit” and then "Cash Deposit” option.

Bulk Cash Deposit
 Bulk Cash Deposit service is also available at selected locations and it can handle up to 250 notes per transaction.
  • AlSaad sport club branch
  • AlKhour branch
  • Alshmoukh branch
  • AlWakra Branch
  • Ain Khalid Branch
  • Doha Festival City Branch
  • Head Office Branch
  • Villaggio Branch
  • City Center Branch
Go to ATM & Branch locator for more information of the machine location.
Cheque Deposit & Clearing at the below Branch ATMs:
  • City Center
  • The Mall
  • Ain Khalid Branch
  • Sharq Hotel
  • Al Rayyan Branch
  • Industrial Area Branch
  • Al Khor Ladies Branch
  • Al Wakra Branch
  • North Gate Mall Branch
  • Land Mark Branch
  • Villaggio Branch
  • Qatar Foundation ECCH
  • Lagoona Mall Branch
  • New Grand Hamad Branch ATM
  • The Pearl Medina Centrale Branch
  • Bin Omran Branch
  • Old Rayyan Branch ATM
  • Gulf Mall Branch
  • Qatar University e-Service Branch
  • Mall of Qatar

Payment services for QNB & Non-QNB cardholders for the below:

  • QNB Credit/Prepaid Cards
  • Ooreedoo
  • Vodafone
  • Kahramaa
  • Qatar Cool
“Please refer to Online Bill Payment page for more information.”
Fund Transfer
QNB Customers can transfer funds within their own accounts
Western Union Transfer
  • QNB customers can send Western Union transfer via ATM
  • This service is only available if you have Internet or Mobile banking and a registered Western Union beneficiary
  • This feature is only available at the new, Activate ATM platform
Account/Card Enquiry
  • As a QNB customer, you can view personal accounts or cards
  • Customers can also print the balance for ease of reference
  • You can also get a Mini Statement of your most recent transactions
Cheque Book Request
  • As a QNB Customer, you are able to request a cheque book via the ATM
PIN Change
  • As a QNB Customer, you are able to do PIN Change for QNB issued Cards
Biometric Authentication
  • Biometric authentication via an eye scan with no need for Card or PIN
This service is currently available on selected ATMs, but we’re expanding

Payment and Transaction Limit

ATM withdrawal

QR15,000 Per transaction

5 debit transactions

totaling QR50,000 per day


Deposits Limit

Maximum amount

per transaction

Maximum number of

transfers per day

Self-Service Cheque Deposits


25 cheques & QR50,000,000 per day per account

Cash Deposits

No limit

No limit

Bill payment

Maximum amount

per transaction

Maximum number of

transfers per day




Ooredoo Hala Top-up






Vodafone Top-up






Qatar Cool 





No Limit


Transfer service

Maximum amount

per transaction

Maximum number

of transfers per day

Transfer within customer accounts



Mobile Cash



Western Union



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the nearest ATM with deposit feature?

For information regarding cash deposit enabled ATMs, please visit our ATM Locator.

What is the issue around the depositing new QR 500?

There is a chance that the deposit may get jammed if the customer tries to deposit more than 20 – 30 notes of the new QAR 500 note in a single attempt. Work is in progress to address this issue which all banks in Qatar are facing currently. Lesser number of notes can be deposited without any issues.

Will I be able to keep depositing old banknotes in QNB?

As per the latest updates, old Qatari riyal notes will be accepted until 1st of July 2021.

What should I do if I face any technical issues while depositing money?

You can contact our customer call center on 44407777 and provide the following information:

  • ATM ID (located in a metal plate on the ATM, example, 00110001)
  • Location
  • Time and Date
  •  Receipt copy (if available)
  • Amount Deposit
  •  Contact Number

I’m traveling soon, where can I find an ATM with foreign currency?

We have 3 ATMs at the Hamad International Airport one is next to the food court, another is next to the Departures Check-In area and a third at the VIP Airport. You can also use our City Center Branch for (EUR, USD GBP, QAR).

Can I withdraw cash without using a debit/credit card?

Of course you can, through a voucher to receive the money from any QNB ATM and via IRIS authentication to transact via the ATM without a debit/credit card.

What are the types of Bill Payments I can perform through an ATM?

Hop over to any QNB ATM and settle your Ooredoo, Vodafone, Kahramaa, Qatar Cool bills and card payments.

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